Thursday, November 27, 2014

Merry Christmas to US!!

There are SEW MANY generous quilt designers out there and they all want us to have the best possible Christmas!!  What better way then to provide quilters with gorgeous PATTERNS…FREE PATTERNS!!  Now if that isn’t SWEET, I don’t know what is!! 

Check it out~

Natalia from Piece n Quilt is hostessing a Sparkle Quilt Sew A Long!  She has designed a gorgeous quilt pattern, called Sparkle, that she is giving to us all…HERE!  Merry Christmas one and all!  Thank you, Natalia for adding a Sparkle to our day!

Sparkle Christmas Sew Along

And Bronwyn over at Red Brolly has gifted us with a GORGEOUS Christmas table topper that is sweet and FREE!!  You can get the pattern HERE…As for me I have printed it off and have pinned it up in my sewing room!!  This one is not going to get lost in the black hole where patterns seem to end up…you know…out of sight, out of mind!  Thank you, Bronwyn for thinking of us once again!


Diary of a Quilter has a GREAT Christmas Patchwork Tree tutorial happening HERE…LOVE IT!!  Geeze, here comes the Quilters’ Lament… so many great patterns and so little time!  The good thing about this quilt is that it can go up all Winter long…so you can get more bang for your quilt!  This would be a good one to work on all year long…here a tree, there a tree…with a huge forest finished by next December!  I love that idea!!  Thank you so much, Diary of a Quilter!  This one will definitely not get lost in the woods!


And Bonnie Hunter starts her new Mystery Quilt tomorrow so make sure to visit her to get the FULL scoop!  Her Mysteries are always fun!  So thank you, Bonnie for taking time out of your busy schedule to think of US!!



I am sure there are a lot more generous designers ‘out there’ giving patterns away…if you know of any, then leave the link in your comments!  We all want to hear about it!

And don’t forget about the Buttermilk Basin Primitive Christmas Blog Tour where, everyday, designers hand out patterns and goodies left, right and centre…starting December FIRST!  MERRY CHRISTMAS TO US! 


Yeehaw…bring it on!

So let me just say from all the BLOGGERS and LURKERS ‘out there’…we thank YOU, our quilt designers, for making our Christmas a little more merry and bright!! 

And before I go, let me just wish everyone who is celebrating THANKSGIVING a day filled with good food, family and friends!  Wishing you the BEST!

Have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. Thank you for letting us know about the free patterns. I love the tablerunner. Sure is cute. Happy day to you.

  2. Another of the best of bloggers out there. I must say, I'm delighted to hear that I am not the only quilter with a black hole in her sewing room! LOL!! You gave me a smile today.

  3. Thank you, Paulette, for saying all the right things to those marvellous designers who keep us inspired! I have been looking at sparkle and am very tempted, but first I must go download that santa. Thanks so much for the links!

  4. There are a lot of great free christmas designs and I can't wait for the blog hop.


  5. Hi Paulette - while I'm not a commercial designer and it isn't a Christmas quilt I just published a free pattern for a hexagon quilt (81 The Giant Monstrosity) on my blog. I also have a few other free patterns available!

  6. Thanks Pualette,
    so nice of you to share these links!
    Wish you a great weekend,