Friday, November 28, 2014

It’s the THOUGHT that counts…REALLY!

Yesterday we had our annual Christmas get together…just a small group of women…Friends in the true meaning of the word.  I have known one of the ladies for over thirty years, another for half that time and two for just a few years…but it doesn’t matter…a friend is a friend no matter how long you have known them!   Our common link, at the beginning of our friendship, was quilting but over time, we have share so much more…we know each others’ families, children, likes and dislikes, we have shared our joys and our sorrows!  I KNOW that these wonderful women would be there for me… REALLY there, if the need should ever arise!  A very nice feeling and I’m sure each of them feels the same way!  When we get together there is always laughter…lots of laughter…sometimes howls of laughter!  We really ARE a funny bunch!

Anyway… at Christmas, we exchange small gifts…usually an ornament or a small handwork of some kind…but we really outdid ourselves this Christmas! Just look at the loot…AMAZING!!


But this is a QUILTING blog so let me show you the hand-work…

The cutest quilted mats…we ohhhed and ahhhhed each of them…and will cherish the one we received FOREVER!  They are so gorgeous laid out here….


The SWEETEST cross stitched pincushion…and look a the wee woolies stitched on!  LOVE IT!!


And the most adorable wee pillow to go with the other pillows that this quilter has made in the past!!  I now have a collection of Christmas pillows!


And LOOK at the door to my oven…all decked out for Christmas!!  There is NOTHING like a hand made gift!:o)))


And how’s this for a gift from one Woolie to another… a Wild and Woolie pillow!


I don’t know which is more fun…to give or to receive…OK,OK, I think we all know what the CORRECT answer to THAT is…but really, it’s the thought that counts! And don’t you LOVE that warm and wonderful feeling that you get when you KNOW that the recipient truly likes what you have made… just for them!  

Yes indeed, it really is the thought that counts…and these gifts all amount to some wonderful thoughts that I will treasure for years to come!  Thank you ladies!!

What about you? Are you frantically stitching up something wonderful for that special someone in your life?  As you stitch…keep thinking of that feeling that you are going to get as they unwrap that special treasure…hopefully something that they will treasure long after you are gone!  Yikes!  SLAP ME!  We’re not going ANYWHERE!  We have too many projects to make…too much fabric to sew…too many quilts to build, too many quilt shops to visit! 

Have a wonderful BLACK FRIDAY!  It seems that Black Friday has spilled over into Canada!  Yes, I am actually venturing to the MALL…it’s a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it!! 

Wish me luck!~P


  1. A lovely post today, Paulette. It sounds like you and your friends had a wonderful day. And the gifts are awesome, I especially liked the little pillow with the Christmas trees. Hope you have a great time at the mall and find lots of Black Friday deals. Myself, I'll be staying home shopping Black Friday on line.

  2. Wonderful goodies and beautiful pieces, always fun to swap with fellow quilters.


  3. Wonderful treasures of great friendship.

    Interesting that Black Friday has crossed into Canada. Hope you have a fun and productive shopping experience in the Mall.


  4. Wonderful to have those special friends isn't it Paulette! Love your "loot!"

  5. I have a sewing group and we make things for one another at Christmas. These items are always the most special and they are cherished for years! You really did get a wonderful bunch of gifts! My group gets together in a couple of weeks and I haven't decided what I will make for them! Guess I should get started soon!