Sunday, November 30, 2014

Claire’s Christmas Cuties…

Earlier this week I met up with Claire…my wool dealer!  We joke whenever we do sharing in the parking lot!  What must people THINK?  We always meet in a downtown area…so there we are…ohhing and ahhhing over our latest creations… out in the parking lot!  Trust me, NO money exchanges hands…and no drugs are involve… but we do leave with a HIGH!  :o))

This is what caused my HIGH for this week…Claire’s finished wool creations!  Now you read about these back HERE…but I thought you might like to see them FINISHED!

This is now the sweetest pillow!


Adorable…and love the string of coloured beads that look like Christmas lights!


I wish I had snapped a picture of the hand holding this pillow…you need a reference to see just how small this pillow really is!!  It is wee…really WEE…and as sWEEt as can be!


The Tree Farm Mat is exquisite!!  You REALLY have to pop into Claire’s to see this one in person!  My pics DO NOT do it justice!


For one thing, the sunshine (it was 16C…and gorgeous outside!!) caused a glare…


Look at the stitched tree in the right bottom corner…a very nice touch and LOVE the green blanket stitch to pop this mat up a notch or two!


Whenever I look at Claire’s work I am ALWAYS in awe of the workmanship…absolute perfection!  Thanks for sharing, Claire!  I needed that!

So there you have it…did you get your HIGH this morning?  See how it works…you don’t need drugs…just a needle and thread and little scraps of wool!!

Wishing you a SUNNY Sunday and happy HIGH to you!!!


  1. Wow...what darling wool creations. Her snowman is so cute and you are right her workmanship is perfect.....

  2. Wonderful wool pieces, hopefully can finish up some things this week and make a few of my projects.


  3. coffee time! You are going to have a good laugh because my long time friend and I will be meeting for lunch on Monday. We will be doing the same thing in the parking lot. My friend always has some fun things to share with me. Have a great Sunday

  4. Forgot to as in the above note what size is your tumbler block. I seem to remember you used a die. Thanks for the info.

  5. They're just so luscious, was privileged to see them in person also a couple of weeks ago though some were still works in progress.

  6. Claire's wool projects are so beautiful. All the little details are amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  7. How fun to have a friend named Claire who makes such Christmas Cuties. I like her buttonhole stitching around the edges of the pillows. It makes a nice finish.

  8. Love the tree cute!

  9. your friend has wonderful skill this is a delightful Xmas hanging

  10. Be still my heart. Either of these would look oh so good at my house!