Wednesday, November 12, 2014

What’s On My Wall this Wednesday…

Man, I was on fire yesterday…in the sewing room!  I got all three gingerbread table toppers quilted and the ‘Home For the Holidays’ snowball blocks stitched together and ready for the wool applique to be glued down!

Check it out…

A simple loop-ti-loop and star FMQ on the mats…


Now comes the fun part…jazzing them up and binding!

I got my snowballs sewn together…I only had a few pieces of Seasonal Gatherings fabric in my stash so I ‘made do’.  I LOVE the mottled ‘Snowman Gathering’ beige background fabric….


Today I will transfer the writing (using a make shift light-box) and glue down the wool motifs so that these blocks will be all ready for hand stitching…


And the best part…the LEFT OVERS!!  YUM!!  These are the corners from the snowball blocks.  I stitched another line a half inch inside the block so that when I cut the corners off I had these blocks already made!  This is going to make the sweetest little mat…maybe with a little applique around the edges?  Maybe something for Spring…?


Don’t you love it when you make something from nothing!?

Yesterday was a beautiful, sunny day, so I packed a picnic lunch and hubby and I hiked to the top of Mt. Tzouhalem.  Yes, the sun was shining but I hadn’t noticed that there were wind gusts…so there we are at the top of the mountain eating our sandwiches, basking in the sun…and freezing our buns off with each gust of wind!  The thought of picnicking in November had been a good one…but let’s just say we didn’t dilly dally with the view!:o)…which had been spectacular!


Another sunny but chilly day today!  I might just have to create a little more heat in that sewing room!!

Have a Wicked Wednesday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. I stitched all day yesterday and forgot to take pictures of all that I made. Bummer when I want to Blog them today. I turned them in at Guild so no chance of a re-shoot. I love the Leftovers you'll make something cute with them, I'm sure. Applique sounds great.

  2. you certainly achieved a lot of stitching. How marvellous to see that view, thanks for sharing it with the photo, no way I could climb to the top, exhausted just thinking about it!

  3. Your blocks are wonderful and it is going to be a fun quilt. Love that view, but yes, there are heavy wind gusts the further you go up, lol.


  4. Wow! You got so much done! Love the leftover HSTs...what a cute little quilt that will be!

  5. Love how you're making progress on the Home for the Holidays. If you'd like more HST's I have some. I'd love to send then on their way ;0)

  6. Indeed spectacular view and spectacular progress in your sewing room!