Thursday, November 20, 2014

Meet MC…

Oh man, I am weak!

I was in Canadian Tire yesterday…if you are a Canadian then you know what I mean when I say that this store has EVERYTHING!  Now that Christmas is right around the corner, it’s like Santa’s workshop and MORE in there!!  I have never seen so many rows of Christmas lights and the ornaments are displayed by colour so there were purple sections, turquoise sections, green sections etc…like going to Disneyland for Christmas!  So what came home with me?



I know…not very Christmasy but she is a beauty none the less!!  Throw a bow and a bell on her and she will be right in there with the those glitzy Christmas trees!

I have wanted one of these for a LONG time…Every year while at The Sands RV Park I head off to the Clubhouse for Quilting…and even though the Clubhouse is within walking distance I drive the truck!  It takes me half an hour and six trips to the truck to unload everything…and then right in the middle of sewing I will realize that I forgot something…so I walk back to the RV to retrieve it….and it’s at this time that I REALLY think of owning one of these babies!!

I mean really… just LOOK at the storage…here are the top two compartments…


…and the side panel pops off with extra storage!


And in both compartments they have these storage trays…


And underneath..two huge storage areas.  Alas…not big enough for the Janome but…enough room for my project and pattern/book!


There are three wheels for rolling and there is a pop up handle…


…and LOOK, guaranteed for a full year!  Canadian Tire is really good at honouring this…so if she doesn’t perform, she is going back! 

Her name has been shortened to MC…(Material Carrier, Mama Crafter, Motoring Cruiser…anything but Mastercraft…care to add YOUR own handle?)


I think she was designed by a quilter…


…yup, she has that look about her!  I hope we make some beautiful quilts together…!  I will keep you posted!! 

This morning I am off on an adventure…it includes a Craft Fair and Thrift Shops…many Thrift Shops!  Dorothy is driving, so I am at her beck and call! :o}}} She loves a good Thrift Store, so I have a feeling we will hit every single one between here and Nanaimo!  Yeehaw!

Have a thrilling Thursday and happy Thrifting…errr… I mean stitching!~P


  1. Just the thing for a quilter on the go! I have a feeling you're going to love it!

  2. Well early Merry Christmas to you! Looks indeed like you hit the Christmas Present Jackpot! Thrift stores are one of my favorite things to do too.

  3. Perfect for storing supplies in. I have an old fishing box, would be a good idea for travel.


  4. Oh, I have one similar to that! They are amazing! Mine is a little larger and was designed for a fisherman. It has lots of compartments and little bins and is on rollers too but they have tires on them...little black tires! I know you'll enjoy your new toy! Good choice! XO

  5. I think it is great! Will be great to keep all your quilty items together both inside and outside of RV. Enjoy her!

  6. I have something similar too~ I love that it has wheels and I can pull it along. My featherweight fits perfectly for taking to retreat. ;)

  7. Now that is quite the container!
    I will have to drop in to see what else they have.

  8. I bought a similar one this summer to take with me. I just used it at a retreat a few weeks ago and it was perfect and so organized. My Singer Featherweight fit perfectly into the bottom and there is a place for everything. I call it my mobile sewing center. I got mine at Home Depot and an older man asked me what I was going to use a rolling tool box. He was quoted surprised when I explained it was for traveling with my sewing machine. Enjoy your new, practical tool box!!!

  9. I was going to ask if this might be about the same size as the one from Home Depot. I'm going to Canadian Tire to check this out! thanks for sharing!

  10. just the job for taking to groups etc. They have them on our craft channel at the moment but a bit pricey here in the UK as they have only just appeared

  11. Happy Christmas to you. It looks great.

  12. What an AWESOME idea. Love it!

  13. Mamma Crafter - I like the sounds of that. You scored. Big time!

  14. Wow! That's a beauty. What fun you will have putting in and taking out and rearranging everything.