Monday, November 10, 2014

Tall, Dark…and Yummy…

That’s what I think of all Gingerbread Men! 

So after I whipped up a few quick charm square table mats, I thought they were looking a little plain…they needed something…or someone to jazz them up…!


Calling all Gingerbread men to the rescue!!

SEW…I stitch a few of the gingerbread men on each corner…


On the smaller mat, I stitched one on each corner….


And on the two bigger mats, I machine blanket stitched two…


The block that I used for this project was a Disappearing 16 Patch (Tutorial is HERE!)  which was fast and easy!

One thing that I don’t like about this pattern is that when you join the blocks together, you loose certain  corners…and that was bothering me! 

See what I mean…


So I hauled out my bag of pretty wooden buttons…


…and hid them!!  Ahhh…sew much better!!  :o)


They will get attached after I have quilted the toppers…

And Voila…like it was meant to be!  Oh and maybe some big stitch quilting in those wide borders between MY MEN!


Three toppers out of one charm pack!  Doesn’t get any better than that!  I wish my camera flash didn’t interfere with the colours of these tops!  The fabrics are much nicer and richer in real life!

I will show you the final tops when I have them all finished.  I am hoping that they’ll get the DANG cute stamp of approval but for now it’s up in the air…

I have one Gingerbread mat already loaded on the mid-arm… waiting… and if all goes well the other two will get done this week too!  Stay tuned…YIKES!!  I also have the wedding signature quilt, the Winter Solstice quilt, the Tumbler Quilt, Diana’s Quilt (the deceased quilter’s quilt) and the two Jan Patek Christmas runners to quilt!  (the Patek runners may have to wait till next Christmas…we will see!) !!  Oh and then there is the Christmas Star Quilt…YIKES!!  I better get off this computer and get busy!  Times a-wastin’! 

Bet you’re feeling the same way?!  Don’t you love Christmas! 

Have a marvellous Monday and happy stitching!~P


  1. Very cute! Great idea to add the buttons.

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  4. Holy smokes, I think Blogger just went crazy. Sorry about all the duplicate comments! But I do love em that much! LOL!

  5. cute mats! Just asking: why aren't you quilting all of the mats at the same time?

  6. Who can pass up a cute gingerbread man? These are dang sweet.

  7. That is a cute idea and I love the buttons, very fun.


  8. Very sweet! Love the little men.:)

  9. Love your pretty table mats and the little gingerbread men! The button idea is great. I've used buttons for the same reason.

  10. Oh my goodness, the Gingerbread Boys are adorable, cute and handsome. Cute topper.

  11. your gingerbread men really look at home in the corners and very nice mats you have there