Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Christmas Comes Early!!

Break out the eggnog and crank up the Christmas carols…Christmas has come early to Sweet P’s house!  You heard me, this little house is bursting with Christmas CHEER…thanks to Kathy Cardiff and Taylor Olvera over at The Cottage At Cardiff Farms!

Look at what they sent me via that Sweet P..ostman!  It’s their newest book, ‘Where the Cows Come Home’!!


You may remember my last visit to the Country Loft in LaMesa, California,where I was found blubbering like a fool in front of THIS quilt!!  I LOVED IT!!  After I composed myself, I inquired about the pattern and was told that it was a BOM that was offered at the Loft but that a book was coming!!  YIPPEE!! 


So imagine my delight when Kathy and Taylor emailed to say that a copy was on it’s way to my house!!  The Cows REALLY were coming home!! 

I have to tell you that our house is in a subdivision located out in the country, on top of a hill, overlooking farms and vineyards!  Hence my love affair with barns and farms and all things farmy…like cows and sheep!  Why not bring those barns inside! 

Bet you want a peek inside this book…oh man, are you in for a treat!!  I am going to take you to my personal favourite barn…the Home for the Holidays Barn…look at the wreath above the door, barrels along the wall and the snow on the ground…and I love red barns!!


The Shearing Shed…also placed first…I mean really LOOK at those wee sheep!!


I also love the bales of hay outside this ‘Amber Waves of Grain Barn’ and look at the fabric …looks like bales woven right into the weave but it’s actually wee wool bales stitched on!!  PERFECT! 


As a wool lover and a wool worker, I can’t believe how well written this book is! 

First off…the book is spiral bound!!!!!  I REALLY appreciate that the page that you are looking at actually STAYS flat!  Brilliant …these ladies know what it’s like to be reading instructions when you have your hands full of wool and glue and scissors!

Secondly…each barn has it’s own CHAPTER, with a list of the materials needed, from wool, to background cottons, to additional supplies!  Clear and concise and to the point!

Thirdly…the instructions on how to actually assemble the wool block are detailed and easy to understand, clear and concise with tons of tips and techniques that I never even thought of (which proves the point that I would love to take a class or two from these two ladies!!)

Fourthly…each chapter has a barn layout sheet of the actual sized barn AND they even provided an additional page that you can rip out of the book!  I have NEVER seen this before! No photocopying!! Also the templates pieces are all LABELLED and have been REVERSED already!!  LOVE IT!!

Fifthly…they have provided a page at the beginning of the book called GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS where they go into detail on the ‘How To’ of Wool Applique, complete with a page of the stitches required in making this quilt…there are helpful pictures of each stitch…even how to blanket stitch AROUND a corner!  I have never seen this before either!! EVER!


And finally…there is the Finish Up Chapter!  Again they take you through the process of putting on the sashing, cornerstones and border…with lots of helpful pictures! 

This book is so well written that a beginner could easily tackle this quilt!  Their attention to detail is incredible as they have left nothing out…there is no guess work!  You will not go away wondering how to do this or what to do next!  You just need to read and do!

So my question is this…I am definitely going to be making this quilt!  Does anyone out there in Blogland want to build a barn every month with ME…?   How about a Barn Raising Sew Along?  All you need is the book, ‘Where the Cows Come Home’…and the supplies!  You can find the book HERE (they even have the kits) …or you can start, with me, to gather the wool and fabrics together.  Let’s aim for April as our start up month!  That way I will be home from Snowbirding (with the RV packed with wool and yarn dyed fabrics needed to make this project!  :o)  Come on and join in…The HUNT is half the fun…or you can order the kit!   Guaranteed a good time and you will have this gorgeous quilt when the Sew-along is finished!! Give those Cows a Home!!  Sounds like a win-win to me!  SEW…give it some thought…this could be hanging in YOUR house by summer…!


I just have to end this post with a great BIG THANK YOU to KATHY CARDIFF AND TAYLOR OLVERA!  Your book was wonderful to review…it’s easy to talk about a book that you LOVE!  And it’s not just because the quilt is beautiful (I already knew that!)… It’s because you REALLY paid attention to the details in MAKING this quilt…you gave us EVERYTHING and MORE!!  You provided a model that other designers should, could and I am hoping WOULD live up to!!  Your book is magnificent!  I know that after I am finished making this quilt, that I am going to go away a better quilter! And isn’t that what quilting is all about?!  SO I give this book a 5 out of 5…with a standing ovation!  Perfect…A+ work!  You done good ladies! 

Oh, man I can’t wait to get on the fabric HUNT!!  Can’t you see me tackling those shops with this book under my arm!!  :o))  And no, that’s not a question! haha

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Quilting~P


  1. Lucky you, I do love that quilt and the barn patterns, that is going to be a lot of fun to make.


  2. It looks like a wonderful book and you will have no problem making that quilt! I will have to pass on the QAL...you know me, I am usually about a year late to your party! I am hoping to start Winter Solstice after Christmas. Have fun!

  3. I'll QAL with you. Thanks for the delay start up time. If though I live in the city farms are all around us.

  4. Looks like a super fun and creative book. I look forward to seeing what you create with it.


  5. you certainly sound "over the moon" with this book, can`t wait to see your progress in completing some of the projects

  6. Isn't it fun to get a book that we want so very much?:) Can't wait to see you stitch away on this one!

  7. Looks like a fun Farm Quilt! You were lucky to get the book sent to you.Now you can have fun Kitting it up as you travel south. Did you pre-order it?

  8. Congratulations on such a lovely gift. I hope you have fun with oroject and find some people to join you in your barn raising quest.

    Look forward to seeing it in progress.

  9. Thank you so much for the link, Paulette. My first block is done and I love Kathy's instructions! I did the Shearing Shed and just need to stitch down the darling sheep. I will post a picture soon.

  10. Thank you so much for the link, Paulette. My first block is done and I love Kathy's instructions! I did the Shearing Shed and just need to stitch down the darling sheep. I will post a picture soon.

  11. Oh man! I love that quilt!! I guess I am going book shopping too! The trouble you get me into!!! ;-)

  12. That is a wonderful pattern! You will do it justice! I am hoping to try your QAL little houses in Jan, so I am not going to try anything else.
    I got a e-mail yesterday from a very good friend that is in my friendship group. She just started doing 6 months on her yacht in La Paz. She found a quilt group like yours in the desert. This will really be wonderful for her. She is already helping a newer quilter with a project. (We sure miss her) Have a great day!