Saturday, November 8, 2014

Power to Spare…

We spent 31 hours without power!!  31 HOURS!!  That was like two full days…of doing NO sewing! Yup, poor ME! 

We had a major wind storm blow in from Hawaii…trees down, fences blown over, tree limbs and debris all over…even roofs blew off houses! We were fortunate that nothing bad happened but of course EVERYTHING I wanted to do required electricity!  No sewing machine, no quilting, no ironing, no applique!  (notice… no mention of vacuum, washer, dryer or dishwasher…haha)

Thanks goodness for the Beam n Read…it was great for the evenings, for reading and walking from room to room…washing and brushing your teeth.  Yes, it was not just used for my hand sewing! Seriously… I LOVE IT even more now!!  And it’s still going strong!


You know all those FINISHED projects that I was going to show you…  well they are still in bits and pieces…but thankfully friends, Delores and Glynis had power and have lots of stuff to show you!  AND they won’t keep YOU in the dark…

Delores and her daughter, Danielle spent the day crafting…they turned Mason Jars, lace and goop called Snow-Tex into…

unnamed (8)

…these gorgeous Votive holders!

unnamed (7)

Yup…they made just a few!! :o)

A few of them will make great gifts for Danielle’s kids’ teachers and the rest will be donated to the Cat Rescue Booth at the Craft Fairs.  They got the idea HERE!  Check it out for the full ‘HOW TO’ on how it’s done!

unnamed (6)

Lovely job, ladies!  The buyers will be purring like kittens when they see these candle holders!

And now we are off to Glynis’ house…yup, she has POWER PLUS!!

Here is ANOTHER of Glynis’ quilt tops!  seriously…DOES THIS WOMAN SLEEP? 


Sheesh!  And it’s gorgeous to boot!  The pattern is from ‘101 Small Quilts’ and is called ‘Twice As Nice’.  LOVE IT!! Even though it’s considered ‘small’, it’s still 40 x 40.  It’s part of Glynis’ monthly small quilt program from Primitive Gatherings.   She says she is now only two quilt tops behind!  WHAT?  Glynis is behind?  Seriously…do you believe that one?  Yah, me neither!

So there you have it…all I can say is, it’s a good thing that I have lots of crafty friends…with POWER TO SPARE…or this blog would suck more than usual!  ;o))

Have a Super Saturday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. No power, is no fun;)
    We have a generator but it only works if Bill is home to start it and keep it running, lol. I hope you have fun today and your power is back on.


  2. Glad your power is back on. Gosh, what s storm. You've got s lot of sewing time to make up. Have fun!

  3. So glad you survived! I don't know if I could have done it. We sure rely on electric, don't we?

  4. Glad you have your power back. Your blog never sucks. I look forward to seeing all the eye candy and your comments.

  5. Lucky me, we had power and I was able to sew, but that was some storm. The lawn is covered in pine cones, pine needles, branches and all sorts of leaves. It'll take a few days to clean up. My son was on a flight from Vancouver to Victoria harbour and said he's never been so scared. At times, the plane was being blown sideways. He took the ferry home.
    So glad you had your Beam n Read, just another reason to invest in one. Love the candle holders, and Glynis's quilt is super cute. The patchwork effect is great.

  6. I thought being without power for 13 hours was bad, that's nothing compared to what you endured!!! Glad you're up and running again..

  7. Time for a backup generator! Those jars are so cute! Love the quilt too. I will never have time enough to make all the quilts I want to make.

  8. Congrats on the stitching you managed to do in the storm.

    I was fortunate not to have that experience on this side of the water, in fact I hardly heard the storm through the night at all!

    Better stock up on batteries in case it happens again.

  9. Sorry you were without power! That sucks! I recently had the same thing (well, this is Oklahoma where we have tornadoes, snow and earthquakes in the same day (no kidding)! Anyway, I have an Ott light that I could use for a while and I found some lanterns at Walmart that use batteries, have really bright light and were only $10. I keep one in every room. Over time, I've collected about 8 of them and I always try to buy batteries each month. Of course, they use the big, honking batteries. Hope your "blackouts" are over! XO

  10. Power outages are not fun. We had a 10 day outage with a broken generator a few years back. I was actually enjoying and looking forward to a radio show every afternoon from our former governor by the 10th day. Talk about boredom! LOL

  11. I hate losing power! Seriously hon, you need a treadle, lol. And one of those irons you heat on the wood stove....come to think of it, so do I. I love that Beam n Read too, I've used mine when the power went out, lol! Love Glynis' quilt!

  12. Gosh, being with out power really is poor, reminds me of the times in FL with the hurricanes--was usually 7-10 DAYS. But we did have a generator for the ref, water (on well) and a small a/c at night, but it was hard finding a gas station that had gas. Since then a law went into effect that they had to have generators. That storm by passed us--went to the north, so you got it. We just had strong breeze. Even so, was enough to cover our lawn thick with leaves. Took 5 hours of work. Since the trees are bare we will look forward to doing it again in a few weeks :-( I guess maybe have projects ready that you can do by "candle light" might be a good thing. Glad you got no damage.

  13. That same storm is bringing us wind, snow and a high temp of FOUR degrees on Tuesday!!!

  14. Wow, that's a long time with no power! It always reminds us just how much we use it when it's down!

  15. I love my Beam N Read! :) blessings, marlene