Sunday, November 16, 2014

A Woman Possessed!

My Homespun bin was still out from one of my other projects…and this book was on my desk…somehow they got too close and…



It was like a magical explosion happening in my sewing room!   I became a woman possessed!  Before I realized what had happened, I had THIS laying out on my kitchen floor!

I know…it doesn’t look all that special…but wait!!


I had to audition the wool….


…and pick the perfect red…not too orange…not too mottled! EW!


Ahhhh…just right!


The Santa started to take shape…


But I didn’t have the right shade of yellow…I wanted a STAR quality yellow!!  Sooo…out came the dye pot! 


I told you…I’m talking serious Linda Blair (Exorcist) possessed here!  Hubby was thinking of bringing in a priest!

I got my star quality yellow…to the left too orange…to the right too lemony yellow…in the middle…juuuuust right!  Do you hear THAT heavenly music?




His face is bothering me…don’t you think he needs a mustache?


Darn…the camera didn’t pick up the mustache…maybe if you click on the picture you will see it better.  What do you think? I do like a man with facial hair…haha


So there you have it…(the mustache isn’t permanently on as the plain face is growing on me.   So for now, I will pin it on and decide later…)

The colours in real life are darker and more interesting…and look more like a walk in the woods!


Hopefully, today I will cut out the million and one 5 inch blocks that will form the HSTs that circle this quilt…Oh and before I forget, the name of the quilt is called ‘Old St. Nick Quilt’ and is designed  by the very talented, Lisa Bongean of Primitive Gatherings.  It can be found in the book ‘Primitive Christmas’ featured at the top of the page.  Be warned… never put this book together in the same room with Homespun!

Yup…it’s all in a days work!!  Geeze, my head is spinning…Is the priest here yet?

Have a Sunny Sunday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. WOW. It is really cute and you did all of this including dying wool in one day... I am so impressed and feeling like a slug. You go girl.

  2. I am so impressed you did all that in a day! I need to get the Linda Blaire vibe going and get more done in my sewing room. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Which vitamines do you take for breakfast?? lol
    This is some be-au-ti-ful creation - wow!!
    Love it!!

  4. Love how you "created" the background for this piece!

  5. Very cute....I love it when I work like that.....something just clicks and off you go....

  6. Oh my God you are a magician Paulette!
    Whenever I am possessed the result is not so good! I am soooooo impressed!

  7. Very nice! I think the reason you're not happy with the mustache is you have drawn it "face-on" but the Santa is actually in profile. You only need half a 'stache!

  8. I love everything you make. This one is a winner,too! Just my style. Thanks for sharing.

  9. WOW woman, you are fast!!! I'm still working on all those tiny little squares which form the borders for Winter Solstice. And quilting customer quilts--love your little Santa quilt!

  10. Yikes. All that in 1 day! Such a cute thing coming from "possession".

  11. I like the strippy background behind the Santa. The quilt has the flavor of an old Red Wagon design. Nice. I think you did well in your possessed mode.

  12. I'll say it again, you always make working with wool look so easy. I love Primitive Gatherings designs and this one is wonderful. The fact that you can dye your own fabric certainly helps. Good luck today getting those pesky HST's cut out.

  13. Fantastic! All of your favorites in one place!!Bringing to USA?

  14. So beautiful. I first read this post on my ipad on Bloglovin'. They leave SO MANY pictures out! I am so glad I came back and looked at it again. What a fabulous quilt.


  15. If we could all be possessed like that....sigh.....super cute!

  16. Hmmm...I think I need to drink a little of that...I'm so distracted that my sewing machine is making a sad face...

  17. Well, you made my head spin, lol, this was a fast and furious project day! Wow! Great results. :-)

  18. I do love that pattern and I think I have that one or one similar. That would be something that is doable, at least the sewing part, lol. I wish I had your energy, seems like I can't get anything done this year.


  19. Those homespuns look dynamite as the background! You certainly were possessed that day but oh what excellent results.

  20. This is fantastic Paulette!! Why don't you turn your head and breath down my direction so maybe I can become obsessed too!!! Ha!

  21. what inspiration a great quilt you are creating here, enjoy making your HST`s to complete this project

  22. That's just wonderful SP. As for Santa, I like him both before and after his shave. Helpful aren't I?

  23. The best kinds of quilts are like that, they just take us over.:)

  24. LOVE it! Wish my homespun and that book would conspire together!

  25. Love it, I am a homespun addict. I love how it is turning out. ... So cozy and warm.