Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Getting My Act Together…?

Yesterday while at Heritage Quilt Guild meeting, I HAD to go and check up on fellow quilter, (and partner in crime) Greer’s progress…she has been working on THIS!  LOVE her quilt blocks!!


When I say that Greer is my partner in crime I am referring to the fact that SHE is the one who told me about that one lone Snowman Gathering KIT left at the Red Barn Quilt Shop…which was now on SALE…so of course I HAD to go and check it out……and ended up buying it!  So of course it was ALL Greer’s fault!

Anyways…while ohhing and ahhhhing Greer’s work, (how could I NOT?  Dang cute!!) I noticed this pile of bags…hmmm…??  Look…wee bags with balls of Valdani…all labeled…


with colour number and size…and every colour that the pattern calls for to match the wool in the kit!  Incredible!  And if you look closely you can see the tail of the thread coming out of each bag…she doesn’t have to remove the ball to pull the thread out…which means no tangles, no balls rolling away on her… NO BALLS HIDING UNDER THE COUCH…LOST IN THE DUST BUNNIES…FOREVER!!  Nope not Greer’s…her balls are pristine and at her fingertips!  BRILLIANT!! 


I wonder where I can find these wee bags?

Yup, organization is key for Greer!  She knows where her thread is…and she NEVER loses a needle…just look at her Needle Keeper!  Pins on the left, needles on the right…packages of needles in the middle! (I could set this to music!!) But to heck with the needles and pins…LOOK at the cover!!


Is this not the cutest!!!


Look at the French Knots for hair and all the fancy stitching!!  I’d say it pays to be organized!  Maybe if I was organized, I could stitch like THIS? 


Food for thought…

Now if you are interested about becoming more organized and perhaps…becoming a better stitcher …and would like to know more about this pattern you can go HERE!  It’s a Reet’s to Rags to Stitches pattern and it’s called, ‘Get Your Act Together’.  OK I made that part up…it’s called ‘Needles and Pins’…but…I kinda like my pattern name better…maybe THAT’S my calling!!

Thanks for sharing, Greer!  We will continue to keep our eyes on you and your ‘Warm Winter Blessings’…and feel free to throw any other organizational tips our way!!  :o))

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. I hate to say but a needle keep didn't keep me terribly organized. Well it sort of did. I know where my needles are but I'm so Scotch that I think I'll have a use for the left over thread so I keep it in the needle and my needle keep is a tangled mess of needles and thread. :) Those needle keeps are so cute a person could collect them just like pin cushions! Love the idea of the thread in the little bags. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh,Oh,Oh!! Just received my pattern last Saturday from Erica's, and my fabrics today from Cotton&Color, they are being washed now. Looking forward to start it, machine is in the starting block!! :))
    Great idea for the threads! Thank you for sharing and best wishes!

  3. $ stores for the bags. I bought some at new $ giant in Nanaimo beside Cabelas across highway from Chapters.

  4. That's a lot of French knots and oh so cute.

  5. Very cute woolen creations, it inspires me to start working with wool, which I never did before! Greetings!

  6. That Greer is one organized person! Love the needle case. Your gingerbread men table mats are darling. The button sure added a nice touch in the center too.

  7. A great post to make me think about getting my act together as well. It's amazing what you can get done when you don't have to go find stuff or beat off the dust bunnies.

  8. Fun pieces and beautiful work and I do like keeping organized, my floss is a mess.


  9. I had hoped to finish quilting my friends Warm Winter Blessings today but my machine decided to have a fit this afternoon--had to call in the big guns--my husband to the rescue. At least we hope so--he adjusted my stitch regulator wheels and let's hope that fixes things--I sure have a lot of quilts to do and don't need machine problems!!!

  10. what a great idea for the threads I know my threads get very tangled sometimes, I keep my needles in a pin cushion but if going out with my stitching I have a needle case Catherine made when at junior school, she is now 42

  11. I love that needle case. I'm off now to check out the pattern .....

  12. Great organizational tips from Greer! Love the French knots in the hair. So cute! Thanks for the link.

  13. Walmart has those small bags too.