Friday, January 11, 2013

Clubhouse Quilting…

Clubhouse Quilting was a hive of activity last Wednesday…twenty one quilters in all…two to a table!  YIKES!!  It was a good thing the Craft Director popped her head in and saw for herself that we needed more tables…she promised that they would be there by next Wednesday!!  NOW that’s service for you! 

The Sands RV Resort has also arranged for a bus to take us to the Road to California Quilt Show on the twenty fourth of this month!  I can see it now…20 unruly Clubhouse Quilters plus 10 Quilters from another Park all bumping along towards Ontario, CA…singing Note“The Buttons on the Quilt go POP, POP, POP!”NoteSure hope the driver is a quilter…

Anyway…I probably want to SEE what everyone was creating…so on with the show!

This lovely little twister was sitting on the couch…I don’t know who made it…I should have read the paper attached…but I was too busy talking…


Doris brought in her FINISHED Stack and Whack topper!  She bought the pattern and fabric at our 2011 Spring Fling Shop Hop!  Doris is a wonderful quilter…she loved the sample quilt in the shop but she didn’t think she could do it!! She thought it looked too difficult!  “WHAT?  Of Course you can do it!” we all told her…and just LOOK…BEAUTIFULLY done…and she said it was EASY!



Stand back, Doris…we are zooming in for a close-up! 




It just shows you…when you think you can’t do it…just take it one block at a time!  Usually when you see the parts…and understand how the parts go together you can then see the whole…and it doesn’t look so intimidating! 


Kim was busy quilting this little quilt.  She was using a tissue paper pattern…I was going to go back and take a picture of the paper that she was using but I forgot!  There was just TOO much action in the hall….  Next week…


Now Kim is finished and is prepping it for binding…it’s going to be wonderful!

P1210568Judy’s quilt took my breath away…she assured me that I also bought this kit two years ago at the Calico Horse!!  I’m sure glad that my friends take care of me…and are there to remind me of what I have at home waiting for me (..and apparently, has been waiting for quite some time…:)  The Civil War fabrics really do shine in this quilt!!


Oh yeah…I LOVE this quilt!!

P1210563Humour me…just one more picture of this quilt…the plain block is that mottled tea stained fabric…it is darker than it appears in the picture…PERFECT for this quilt!


This is Norma and she was hard at work clipping a really different and gorgeous rag quilt…LOVE IT!! You can see the soft flannel back blocks..but it’s those top blocks that caught my attention…these blocks have a tea stained beige fabric for the top fabric and then there are four little squares stitched on top of the sandwich. This is what holds the sandwich together instead of the ‘X’ that you would normally sew.  It just kicks this quilt out of the ball park!


Here is a better picture!  I am hoping to share pictures of this quilt once it has been washed and fluffed up!!  Would you believe all these fabrics were in Norma’s stash!!


Hey, look who is HERE!!  This is Judy from Heritage Quilting…the guild that I go to back home!!  Judy has a house in Desert Hot Springs and read about all the fun that we have at the Sands!  Yeah…we are SEW glad to have you, Judy!!


Sandi is busy stitching the blocks using the fabric that she bought last year!


Here’s her pattern…


A quilters’ got to do, what a quilter’s got to do!!  Yoga anyone??  Looking great, Sandi!


Another new gal…lovely lady…I just cannot for the life of me remember her name!  YUP…sharp as a tack…sheesh!  I want to say Linda….?  But that is a guess…


I DO remember what she was making though…the cutest hood for her machine…and just look at the fabric!  Dang cute!


Anne was hard at it…making a casserole holder for the next pot luck supper! 


Another new face…here’s Darcy making a VERY pretty plate bag for taking dishes and cutlery to our dinners/breakfasts…complete with knife and fork slots!  Geeze…gorgeous casserole carriers and plate bags…will I be able to hold my head up when I show up carrying my casserole in a towel and dishes in a recycled VONS’S bag?  I better get with the program!


And I think this is Carol Anne’s shoulder that I am peaking over… working hard on her hot mat…with a wine motif! Cute!


Yup…it was a real hive of activity…this picture was taken at the END of the day…a lot of the quilters had already called it quits!


I can’t wait for next Wednesday… for the hive to assemble once more and the buzzing to continue!!  BEE seeing you!

Have a FUN Friday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. The ladies sure are busy making a lot of beautiful quilts. WIsh I had a place here to sew with others.


  2. WOW - lots of eye candy here in the quilts and I do love that civil war quilt as well. Talk about a weekly dose of fun and inspiration - what a great day it must be. I envy you heading to Road to CA - that's on my bucket list - but I'm sure we will be going with you through your camera lens - right? - no pressure there lol.

    Hugs- Karen

  3. Oh, how I miss the clubhouse quilters! I'm coming to visit sometime this season. Wish I could join you on the bus to Road to California, but our kids are here that week. Keep me in mind for next year!

  4. Thanks Paulette, for your blog. I look forward to it everyday. It is so interesting and upbeat. Look like great fun quilting with so many like minded ladies!

  5. Wow, what a wonderful place you have to go quilt with friends. That's always so much fun. Thanks for sharing.

  6. No wonder you love to head South with all that fun there and throw in all the quilt shop stops!

  7. That was definitely a 'hive' of activity. So many talented women working on delightful projects. Thank you for sharing. Can't wait till next Wednesday. :-)

  8. How fun for you to be spending time with such busy quilting ladies! Love that you had to be told what was in your stash at home! Thanks for sharing your good times with them.:)

  9. Are there people staying in the park who are non-quilters who become quilters because there are so many of you having fun doing it?

  10. Looks as if everyone is off to a great day of stitching. Y'all are smart to come to Road via a bus. Hope to see you there if I get a chance. Until then enjoy your creating!

  11. That is so cool Paulette--our little group of quilters is growing, too. Started out with just four of us, now there are six. I find it just a little too distracting--I don't get much done but it is fun.

  12. Looks like the Clubhouse is really rockin! So funny that your friend knew you had that kit at home!

  13. Wow! What fun what fun what fun!! Looks like a lot of good things going on here! Nothing better than getting together with a bunch of quilters with fabric and fun!


  14. This website was... how do I say it? Relevant!! Finally I've found something which helped me. Thank you!