Saturday, January 12, 2013

An ‘App’…

Who knew that this was even a word?  App…I hope I am spelling it correctly…I better go and look it up, after all, it is a NEW word…Whew…spelled correctly and it means…app, software for specific purposes.

This morning I was going to break from the norm and show you something techie…you heard CORRECTLY….ME show YOU something TECHIE!! 

I am probably the least techie person on the planet…could you tell?  But I have a QUILTING app on my new iPad that will blow the socks right off your feet!   Unfortunately, I needed to plan ahead and  take the pictures OUTSIDE…the glare from the flash on the iPad screen obscured the vision of what I wanted to show you…DARN!

So you are stuck with this…the cover that I made for my new iPad…no glare here!!  Yup…I found this apple linen fabric in my stash before leaving home and whipped it up!!  Nothing fancy but I do think the print is perfect for an Apple iPad… don’t you think?P1210608

And there she is, my Sweet Apple…all snug and warm in her apple bed…


I made a special pocket to carry her wires with her…I have a thing about wires…or rather I have a thing about misplacing wires…like in NEVER to be seen again!


This was my Christmas gift from my girls and I absolutely LOVE it!  How did they know??   Did I mention that I am NOT a techie person?

So tomorrow (after I have taken some outside shots…non-glare shots) I will show you just what my Sweet Apple can do!  You will definitely be impressed…I hope! So stay tuned to see a Quilting app…as in software for a specific purpose, ie. like in MAKING QUILTS!!

Have a SUNNY Saturday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Oh P, that is so neat, great job and great choice of material.

  2. Oh, the plug pocket is a GOOD idea! Nice little apple bed. :)

  3. Adorable. I love the apple fabric. What is the name of the app?

  4. Yours came out a lot nicer than mine, lol.
    I gave up and bought a case, but still want to make one.


  5. How fun that you used apple fabric for this cute apple 'bed'!!!

  6. Ooh, can't wait. I have a new iPad and would love to discover more things it can do!

  7. What was the name of the app please..I want to get it.

  8. "There's an app for that"...yup, has certainly come into our language very quickly, it seems. It is amazing how many different things that are useful and inexpensive that someone has created apps for.

  9. Really nice apple case. I have a Ipad2 and love it. Really need more help with what I can do with it. Can't wait for tomorrow. Thanks for sharing your cute apple bed.

  10. It's a good thing, then, you have an extremely "techy" husband and we folks in blogland are sure glad! Love your iPad cover!