Thursday, January 17, 2013

This Ruler RULES!

Yesterday Siena cut out her quilt blocks lickety split…and I DO mean FAST!… all because of this ruler…Shape Cut Plus by June Tailor Inc.!P1210690

June Tailor REALLY knows her quilting stuff because this ruler is the BOMB!

Here is Siena’s demo~ You take your fabric and line up the selvage with the fold…


Place the ruler on top and line the horizontal ZERO (0) line with the folded/selvage edge.


Take your rotary cutter ( a slightly smaller one)…


…and cut off the edge to square up your fabric by cutting on the vertical ZERO (0).  This is the important part…after the edge is cut off, you press on the edge like Siena is doing and this holds everything in place for cutting.  By holding down in this way the edge of the ruler butts right up to the fabric…no slipping!


See the white grooves in the ruler(above photo)…this is where your cutter blade goes.  Just run your rotary blade in this track…2, 4, 6, 8…Within seconds Siena had her two inch, zip, zip!  Accurate, with no wavy edges…


Then she showed us how to turn the ruler or the strips to cut out your 2” blocks!!  In a flash…DONE!!


That June Tailor is one SMART quilter!!  This method is WAY faster than using the GO! cutter!! AND almost ZERO waste!  I will NEVER buy another strip die…BUT what I WILL buy is a Shape Cut Plus Ruler…that is if June has any left!  I think there is going to be a major run to JoAnn’s today!  Thanks Siena…for helping us spend more money! 

I should have taken a picture of Jack, Siena’s hubby!  Yesterday he had on a T-shirt that said~

              “I Red heartSiena!!”

Yup…we feel the same way…only we won’t be wearing it!   We draw the line!  Or rather.. we cut the line…or we will soon!

Have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. I've had acquaintances in the past who have owned and loved this ruler. I'm very set in my 'cutting ways' so I don't own one. LOL I hope Joann made sure that June left one for you. LOL

  2. I've had one of those rulers for a long time (like years). I love it but forget to use it. Thanks for reminding me!

    Cheery wave!


  3. I love things that go fast! Looks like a good investment.

  4. This is great for when you are cutting a lot!
    PS I don't see that Siena is wearing her new bracelet...

  5. How funny, I just got one in the mail yesterday. I'm signed up for a mystery class at Temecula Quilt Co. next Saturday and we have to pre-cut like 5 gazillion little 1.5 inch squares before time. I figured I'd give one of these a try.

  6. this ruler is a real time saver when making postage stamp quilts from jelly rolls, or doing any strip or square cutting! Definitely worth the investment! I love mine!


  7. I've used this ruler for years and I LOVE it! I cut strips, squares, rectangles lickety split fast and there is very little waste. I have the "regular"size one that is 12" across and a couple of years ago I stumbled upon on that is 18" across. I would recommend it to any quilter. Thanks for doing a post on it.

  8. I have worn out at least 3 of these rulers. I won't cut out my fabric without one.

  9. OH My Goodness! I have had one of these for probably 20, and never used it! I sure will now! I never had a demo on how useful it was...I believe I bought it just because it was on sale! LOL. Thanks!

  10. I have seen those and have been tempted, seems like an easier way to get a straight line, since my hand has a mind of it's own;)


  11. Yup I love this ruler too! :-) Have a happy day!

  12. I'm a sucker for any of those specialized tools that make the job easier! Rulers and templates of all types are always fun to collect, if not use! I must have several plastic templates that I have gotten over the years that were "just perfect" for what I had in mind. I'm sure I still have them all, "someplace", but I just can't remember where.

  13. I have this ruler. I use it all the time. I had to cut some pieces for a bag and you can cut up to the twelve inches so it makes it fast and super accurate. You will use it all the time.

  14. I use this and love it! I ditched my Go!

  15. It is wonderful....BUT! Watch your fingers! It's alittleharder to tell where you are about to cut while placing your hand on the ruler. If you're too close to the blade.... (yes, I speak from personal experience!) so watch your fingers!

  16. As soon as I finished reading your blog I went right over to Joann's website. They have them on-line only and on sale for almost 50% off, plus I have a coupon for free shipping!
    I bought one for me & my mom too! Can't wait to use it. Thank you so much for showing us this great tool!

  17. Interesting and educational, thanks so much for this posting. I learned a lot.

  18. When we were asked to bring our favorite ruler to the December Guild meeting, this is the one I brought. It is so useful! Now at least 5 other members have gone out and purchased one. I have little nail polish dots on mine to mark the 2.5" intervals since that's the width I cut most often.

  19. I've used this ruler for years. Love it!