Friday, January 25, 2013

The 2013 Road to California Quilt Show…

Well the show is over for another year…at least for us!  (the Show runs through to Sunday so you still have time to go!)  It was EVERYTHING…and a bit more as every year gets better and better…and BETTER!

This year The Sands RV Resort hired a bus to take the quilters to the Show…and it was fun to be the ‘kid on the fieldtrip’ for a change!

Hop on board…there’s plenty of room for you at the back of the bus!P1210798

Once we got to the Ontario (CA) Convention Centre our first stop was…potty break!  Because quilters are mainly female many of the Male Bathroom’s were converted to Ladies Only Bathrooms…How cute is this?!


And then several of us hustled over to the Primitive Gatherings Booth…which was already JAMMED with customers!


Here’s Lisa showing off her wonderful designs…there were kits and patterns for everything on display!  Too much to take in!


Just feast your eyes on these wonderful quilts!


Wall to wall people but everyone was very nice and we all move in unison!


…Glynis these pics are for YOU!!


Here are Seattle Judy and Claire in the long line…to pay for their loot!


And here’s SANDY…beside this wonderful quilt outside the Primitive Gatherings Booth…and yes she bought a wool kit or two…maybe even three…but I’m not telling!!


Then we made a B-Line to the Heart to Hand Booth.  Claire stocked up on their gorgeous Daiwabo fabrics while Sandy and I concentrated more on the wool!


They have such GORGEOUS patterns!!P1210809

Next it was PinWheels…the Japanese fabric shop!!  The lady behind the counter was very nice and let me take pics of everything…


Yup…that’s Claire buying more Daiwabo Fabrics…they are hard to find in Canada…at least that’s our story and we are sticking to it!!  ;O)


They have a video on their website showing how to make this beauty…


Love this pinwheel quilt…made out of wee Daiwabo scraps!


I got to meet Julie from Jaybird Quilts…see the hexagon quilt behind her.  My middle daughter is in love with this quilt…so I was thrilled to find the pattern.  And what a lovely young woman…so nice to see young women interested in quilting!!


Wooden Spools was hopping too…


Loved this sweet snowflake runner


And loved this little wall hanging with the OH CHRISTMAS TREE verse stitched around the quilt..


Also this sweet mat was adorable…


Another favourite booth was the Calico Horse Booth!  These ladies were wonderful…and took time out from their busy day to posse for this picture!!  Oh…how we miss Donna’s Calico Horse shop!  It was like meeting up with old friends..


Back on the bus for us…our bags were full and unlike kids on a field trip the bus was NOT quieter…there was lots of sharing and talking about loot, booths and designers!!  Quilters are like the Energizer Bunny…they never stop moving…or shopping…or planning…or dreaming…or hoping…or sharing…or talking…!!


So that’s it for my FAVOURITES booths…I hope you enjoyed the booths as much as we did!!

Tomorrow I will show some of our favourite QUILTS in the show…stay tuned!
Have a FUN Friday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. That sounded like a FULL day!! Lucky you, meeting Julie, she is one of my favourites. Claire looks like she's having a great time!
    Bet you're relaxing a bit today.

  2. I would be in trouble at that show, and I can see where the lines are, lol. I have seen some of the new wool projects, way too many nice ones.


  3. OMG!!! My husband would be cancelling my credit card after the Primitive Gatherings booth... and by the time I got to Heart to Hand booth... i'd need the paramedics!!! Seriously two of my most favorite places to shop! Their designs are fabulous! I'll have to wait until they both make it to an east coast show though.... soon!

  4. Glad you all had a good day at the show. I did too! My favorites were the Calico Horse and Square in a Square. I think I am loaded up for a busy time in my sewing room.

  5. Ahhhh!! Looks like that bus was a lot heavier going home with all that loot! Such fun! I cannot wait until the Int'l Quilt Festival comes back to Chicago this June. Thanks for sharing Primitive Gatherings, Wooden Spool, Heart in Hand, and My Red Door/The Calico Horse~all of my favorite vendors!!

  6. Thanks for taking us along and I didn't feel one elbow. Can't wait to see what you scored!

  7. What an incredible show, and I didn't even have to leave home or spend $!

  8. Gosh sure wish I was with you. What a fun time you had. To see PG booth and Heart to Hand must of been hard to stay within your budget.

  9. Thanks so very much for taking these great pictures and sharing - wonderful, wonderful eye candy!

  10. Can't wait to see what you got.

  11. Oh I am sooooo jealous. Wish I had been with you all. Looks like a great time.

  12. Hubby and I are still chuckling about thr bathroom transformation.

    How i envy your trip to such a magnificent array of goodies.


  13. Amazing venders and amazing buying power ...
    I did my duty with Prim.Gath. on line today-since I could not be there in person. They had a coupon book sale of 25% off their wool yardage (today and tomorrow). :o)
    Love your sharing of your adventures!!

  14. Next year I swear I am coming down and staying with you at the Sands so I can ride the bus and go to this show!!!!
    PS. I snore

  15. Thanks for taking us along again. Love the pictures.

  16. Sounds like it was a fun day!! I just love all the pictures you shared. Lots of inspiration!!! Thank you!!

  17. how fun! I cannot wait to go to Spring Market here in Portland in May and see all the wonderful stuff!

  18. Wow, quilting overload! How amazing is that?

  19. Thanks for the tour! Looks like a fun time. :0)

  20. Sure sounds like you had a fantastic day! Oh, how I so wish Primitive Gatherings and Heart to Hand would vendor at Sew Expo here in Washington State in March. Can't wait to see your loot (I mean wool) you acquired.

  21. WoW!! Really nice!!
    How sounds like fun!!
    Thank you showing many photographs!!! :D

  22. Do I ever wish I was on that bus! What a day you all had...smiles all around!

  23. I usually don't like bus trips but that one looks like so much fun. Thank you for all the pics. It's the next best thing to being there.

  24. What a fun day!!! Sure wish those shops would come East and do the Hampton,VA Mid-Atlantic Quilt Show in Feb!!

  25. what a fun outing!!! Great quilt booths!

  26. I can feel your excitement! What a fun trip.

  27. Looks like you had one fantastic trip- what crowds and I loved what they did with the urinals- too funny.
    The quilts are gorgeous- such talented quilters out ther aren't there.
    Hope you are having a great time down south- maybe I should say it appears you are having a terrific time down south as always,
    Thanks for sharing,