Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Quilting Fun in Temecula, CA!

Last Wednesday was our FIRST Shop Hop…we visited ‘The Wool Lady’, then moseyed on over to ‘Temecula Quilt Co.’, followed by a new to us shop, ‘The Grand Country Quilter’ in San Marcos.   It turned out to be a nine hour trip but speaking for the Seattle Judy, Claire and myself,  we were tired but extremely happy at the end of the day…let’s just say the chauffeur was happy to get home!!  He was a real trouper!

First STOP…The Wool Lady Shop~  As you can see, she has added a ton of knitting wool to her shop…P1210727 - Copy

It was in this room that we spent most of our time…cut wool on three walls of this shop…and bolts of wool all around the bottom! Prices were high but wool seems to have gone up in price in some of the shops!

P1210728 - Copy

Feast your eyes on this wall of wool patterns…mostly wool applique and rug hooking.  YOWZERS!

P1210729 - Copy

Yup…we managed to find some lovely things to buy!!  The Wool Lady informed us that wool was going up to $42 a yard in her shop as of February!!  OUCH!!

P1210726 - Copy

Then it was off to Temecula Quilt Co….  FOCUS Judy!!

P1210730 - Copy

That’s better…!  Can you read Judy’s mind… “Just take the picture so that we can go IN!!”

P1210731 - Copy

Ohhh…how we LOVED this shop!!  It’s small but packed with goodness!


Go ahead and wander….

P1210734 - CopyP1210735 - CopyP1210736 - CopyP1210737P1210738P1210739P1210740P1210741P1210742P1210743P1210744P1210745P1210746P1210747P1210748P1210749P1210751P1210752P1210753P1210754P1210755P1210756


SEW…there you have it!  Lots and lots of eye candy and sweet little quilts!! We had such fun in this shop!!

Everywhere we went the shop owners were wonderful about us taking pictures!  Tomorrow I will take you to San Marcos and ‘The Grand Country Quilter’!!  Hang onto your seats!

The sad news is..today Claire leaves for home…with only a couple of pounds to spare in her suitcase!  (anything over 50lbs and you pay extra!)  Now that was one FAST and FUN week of quilting fun…OK technically there was NO quilting actually DONE but we sure had fun buying quilting THINGS…;0) The party is over but the memories and pictures linger… Yup…this retired life is good…right Claire!!

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Paulette, what great pics!! I've so many good things about Temecula Quilt Shop. I can now see how wonderful it really is. Thank you for the photos.

  2. Thank you so much for taking us along on the Temecula tour. I swear that one day soon I will get to the Temecula Quilt Co. What a fabulous array of quilts. Sigh!

  3. That shop looked awesome, how did you ever get out of there?

  4. Thanks for the wonderful tour of Temecula Quilt Co. I just can't get enough of that shop. The quilts are beautiful and the fabric, well, I'm sure Seattle Judy was in seventh heaven. So wish I could jump in my car and drive on over. But alas, I'm stuck here in dull dreary Saanichton. On a bright note, my snowdrops are blooming. Glad to hear you and Claire had a great week of quilting (shopping). Hope she doesn't have to pay any extra for her wool-filled suitcase.

  5. My goodness, what a fantastic shop! So many great quilts. Your trip looks like it has been amazing so far. I'm looking forward to more photos!

  6. Thanks so much for showing all the shops! I just love seeing them! I can tell you that the wholesale prices for wool has gone through the roof. Thanks again for sharing! Looks like so much fun!

    Cheery wave!


  7. Thanks so much for sharing all that wonderful eye candy! What fun you must have had!

  8. Paulette, your pictures are gorgeous- such beautiful quilts!! Thanks for sharing! Sounds like you had a fun packed week- how fun!!:)

  9. Oh Paulette thank you so much for tour of The Temecula Quilt Co...what an amazing shop. I'm ready to hop on a plane this very moment.

  10. Thank you so much for the tour! The Temecula Quilt Company is amazing...are those really mason jars filled with a quilt kit? Wow!

  11. Thanks for the amazing tour, I can't get enough of Temecula Quilt Co. her quilts are to die for.

  12. Thanks for the great pictures of Temecula Quilt shop. How did you decide what to buy with so many choices.

  13. Thanks for the tour. I'm trying to talk my husband into visting Temecula when we go to San Francisco. Kind of a long drive, but hopeful it will work out.

  14. Amazing shop...doesn't all those quilts make you want to make each and everyone of them...
    Quilters heaven...
    Julia ♥

  15. Wow Paulette, what eye candy. Thank you for sharing Those wonderful pictures with us.

  16. Wish I could have gone shopping with you, like I need more, lol. My son was in Temecula last month and sure wish I could have him shop for me, lol.