Friday, January 18, 2013

Gwen’s Basket Quilt…

You probably remember Gwen from a couple of years ago…patiently piecing together this wonderful star quilt…


Gwen KNOWS how to quilt!!  She is an amazing quilter!  Magnificent, isn’t it?!P1110290Not only is she an incredible quilter but Gwen is also the matriarch of our little/big Clubhouse Quilting Group.  She is the one who takes all of our problems, concerns and requests to the Sand’s manager.  Gwen is the one who unlocks the doors every Wednesday morning and welcomes us each with a smile and a hearty welcome…Gwen has been a vital part of the Sands’ Clubhouse Quilters since the group first formed…well over 20 years ago!  So it wasn’t surprising that when she missed last week’s Clubhouse session that she was MISSED…a lot!

Gwen had surgery on her neck for arthritis…and was told by the surgeon not to move for two weeks…We had naturally assumed that Gwen wouldn’t be with us for at least those two weeks…well NOT so!  WHAT Gwen MISS Clubhouse Quilting TWO WEEKS in a row?…NEVER!(… she only missed that first week because she was strapped to a hospital gurney!!)  SEW…there she was…wearing a ‘lovely’ neck brace (which she took off for the pictures!) and carrying her stitching!  Yay, Go, Gwen, go!  It was SEW great to see her looking so well and quietly stitching on such a beautiful project!  Yup…No flies on this quilter!!  


  AND…just feast your eyes on this beauty…P1210673

These pictures DO NOT do it justice!  Gwen bought the charm pack on one of our many  Friday runs to the Calico Horse last year.  And then just before we all left for home Gwen cut out the baskets using the GO! basket die!


Love the fabric…and her setting…


…and just look at her hand quilting!! The icing on the cake!


Yup…love everything about this quilt!!


See the wide border…there’s a reason why it’s so wide.  When Gwen has finished the hand quilting, she is going to embroider a Basket of Life poem around the edge!  I can’t wait to see this!


So stay tuned…Gwen probably has this finished by now!!:0)


It’s SEW good to have you back, Gwen…just no more back flips for YOU…at least not this week!!

Have a Feel Good Friday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Wow, Gwen is such a talent. Her work is priceless!

  2. Gorgeous! What an amazing & talented quilter. Love the stars & the baskets. Happy sewing Gwen!

  3. Wow, wow and wow! I feel like a real slacker! She's amazing...thank you for sharing.

  4. Gwens Star Quilt is absolutely glorious. I want to start one right now!!! My husband is a lover Lone Star quilts...this one takes it to another level for me!

  5. Just love all the beautiful, colorful quilts you can share when you're there at The Sands. Those gals sure do some gorgeous work (so do you!)

  6. … "she only missed that first week because she was strapped to a hospital gurney!!" ... OMG You're crackin' me up! lol! Gwen looks to be a real sweetheart and her quilts are gorgeous! So glad she is healing quickly!

  7. Her work is absolutely beautiful, it makes me want to slow down and do more detailed quilts.


  8. If there ever was a super hero that quilted her name would be Gwen!!!

  9. I love baskets quilts! And I hope I'm still quilting when I'm Gwen's age.:)

  10. Truly, beautiful work!! Love them both and want to get my basket die out and go to town. Never tire of basket quilts!!! On another note, thanks for posting about the June Taylor template. Saw the post last evening and went to bed thinking I might have a cutter like that in the basement. Checked this morning - and I do - first one I ever bought but never really used it - didn't know how. Now, thanks to you and your fellow quilter (and u-tube) I am cutting up a storm and loving it!

  11. wow that star quilt is amazing! How cool please tell Gwen how wonderful it is from us! And thanks for sharing wonderful quilts, crafts, and ideas on your blog!

  12. Wow, gorgeous! Gonna have to check out that basket die.
    Question for you Paulette: Way back when you shared your Cabin Friends quilt with us stalkers oh I mean followers. I bought the pattern and it's finished size is 25 xx 25. I thought yours was larger? Am I imagining things? (wouldn't be the first time.)

  13. Oh, that star! Magnificent is an understatement, but I can't think of a better word. Best wishes on a complete and successful recovery for Gwen.

  14. The star quilt is so beautiful. May I ask how it was quilted? I find it tricky to quilt quilts that have such narrow seams.
    Kind Regards

  15. Tell Gwen she is amazing - both quilting and attitude!

  16. Gwen is amazing!! wow!! what an inspiration she is. You rock Gwen!!

  17. What amazing talent. Gwen is so talented. That first quilt blew my mind.