Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Yucca Valley…

We were almost giddy with excitement as five Clubhouse Quilters crammed ourselves into Kim’s truck!  Our first Road Trip of the Season!!  YeeeHaw!  Now this wasn’t an ‘organized’ trip.  It was a “ya wanna go to Yucca?”  Wham-bam…FULL truck and off we went…!

First stop…Joshua Springs Thrift Store…my all time favourite Thrift Shop!  Even the non-Thifters enjoyed poking around..or at least they appeared to enjoy the ‘experience’.  We all bought something…and had a ball doing it! 

Love this photo..the ‘girls’ don’t look very organized…I’ll have to whip them into shape…


The thing that I love best about this shop is the staging of the merchandise…lovely displays…


Check out this old yellow table…I wanted to take this one home with me…strap it to the roof of the RV?


Loved these mottled beach chairs…complete with drink and magazine!


See this antique basket…Chris snapped this baby up!!  Gorgeous find!


And check out the door…I could see this one in my garden…get rid of the fake flowers and grow some Sweet P’s on it…In love


Alas…the table stayed…the door stayed… but I did manage to find a few things to take home with me…if fact we all did!!


And then it was off to ‘Fabric Outlet’…just look at these girls…they got themselves organized for photos lickity split…they want to go IN!!


This shop is always fun to poke around in…it has a little bit of EVERYTHING! 



See the far wall…beads and clothing…


Lots of fabrics…


I could see this brown and black quilt made out of Daiwabo fabrics…and look…it’s made from HST!  It would be a fast and easy one to make!


Darcy was a little overwhelmed…being new to quilting she had fun taking it all in!


Check out the button bin…


And the button racks…and the rack to the right has all the hand made buttons!!  Gorgeous!


And enough notions to give JoAnn’s a serious run for the money!



I thought these were sweet…zipper pins twisted in the shape of flowers…


I ended up walking out empty handed…sometimes looking is all the fun you need!!  Besides nothing was calling my name!



Then it was off to Mimi’s Quilt Shop…and just look at the girls now…oh they are working it!  They know the drill…haha


When we busted through the doors, Mimi commented that because our group came in one vehicle we all received a 10% discount!  Well…You would have thought that we had won the LOTTERY!!  That Mimi is one smart Sales Gal!!


We all dropped money here…I found So Fine Thread and bought 4 cones and 2 spools of it…at 10% off!  The others found kits, fabric, notions, books and thread.  Yup…clearly, Mimi KNOWS what she is doing!

Thanks Mimi…we had fun!


Our final stop was LUNCH at a new restaurant that Mimi told us about…the Cook House or Bunk House…or Chuck Wagon…or something like that!!  Great food and lots of laughs!

So what did I take a picture of?  The Mason Jar lights of course!!  Dang cute!


Yup…I will be ‘Pinning’ these pics as soon as I publish this Post!


So ends our trip to Yucca Valley!  We decided that we would have to make this a monthly outing…after all, there are also those monthly trips to Temecula…and wouldn’t it be nice to start a monthly run to the Country Loft, The Fat Quarter Shop and the Grand Country Quilter…?  Just sayin’…it WOULD be fun!

Speaking of FUN…today is my first day back at Clubhouse Quilting!!  Yahoooo!!!

Have a wicked Wednesday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Mimi is a whole lots smarter then the garage sale lady!!
    What a fun outing!!

  2. Looks like so much fun! Awesome!

    Cheery wave! Bev

  3. Looks like a yuc, yuc,yucca good time! Oh sometimes i crack myself up! I have never seen a thrift store that looked that cute!

  4. You ladies sure know how to have a good time..

  5. How fun! I wish I could've hopped on board and traveled along with you. I'm curious...the outlet shop...are the prices better there? or is that just a name?

  6. Thanks Paulette, it was almost as good as being there in person.

  7. Where's the Fabric Outlet? In Yucca Valley?
    And the photo of the quilt shop/longarm quilting, where was that?

    I love your pics and storied when you're in P.S. since I lived in the area for 6+ years.

    What fun!!!

  8. Our thrift store doesn't look like that, lol.
    We have consignments that have nice items and antiques and good prices, so I usually go to those for things too.


  9. Oh you gals sure look like you know how to have fun!! It's always fun to see what is going on in my old stomping grounds! Love those zipper flowers!!

  10. Fun Day for sure! Sounds like a great idea to make it once a month.

  11. I can see you ladies had a super day!

  12. I have some bad news for you...The Country Loft is no longer in business in Temecula. There is another quilt shop that is new to the area, off the 215 just as it heads east from the 15 North. Take the first exit, turn right, then turn left into shopping center right away! I'm sorry that I don't remember the name of the shop, but if you need more directions, I can be reached at: Have fun! Nini

  13. Sound like you guys had a lot of fun.....wish I was there....LOL
    While I was reading your blog tonight and looking at your cool pictures of all the ladies in crop pants and flip flops....I'm looking out my window at all the snow falling....and I'm also in California.....I now really really wish I was there now....

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  15. Everyone looks to be having so much FUN!!!! I smiled through this entire post! Love those mason jar lights!

  16. Groan . . .
    Saw some fabric that would go nice for a drawstring projects for my knitting.

    Thanks for letting me tag along