Thursday, January 10, 2013

UFO Busting…the first for 2013!

Yup…I’ve been busting again…BUT unfortunately, this UFO is not from my UFO pile! 

Let me back up a bit…Clubhouse Quilter, Chris went home last year with the itch to do a wool project…(hmmm wonder where she got that from?)  SEW when she could scratch no longer, Chris ordered a kit…got it cut out and glued together and then started stitching it…HATED IT!!  She said it was no fun at all…all those wee little letters!  So it sat there…unfinished…until she gifted me her UFO!

Here it is..(sorry about the sun spots…that darn sun is always so bright and sunny and warm down here….:O))))  Can you see that Chris has started the stitching…?P1210486

So for the past four or five nights I have worked on this wee mat.  I have to admit that this was NOT an easy mat to stitch…For one thing it is wool felt (not wool fabric) so it stretches and loses it’s shape..the needle doesn’t glide through like butter soft wool…and although it doesn’t fray, it gets fuzzy and I have to agree with Chris, it was not a good first project.

  But having said all that…it IS pretty dang sweet when complete!  Chris was tickled when I gifted it back to her!


So another UFO bites the dust….(and the crowd ROARS…YAY!!!)  I think Chris should get the itch just one more time…only this time dabble with REAL wool…and maybe bigger pieces…!  Just sayin’…

What about YOU?  Have you busted a UFO lately?  It’s a great feeling when you hear that crowd roar!

I hope you have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. What a nice surprise. I have was my first pattern I bought....and put it somewhere and have not been able to find it for two years! LOL

    enjoy that sunshine.

  2. How sweet of you to finish it and give it back to her. It's very cute.

  3. I have some small ones that I can do, fun to mix them into other projects so I get a bit done, at a time.


  4. That was so nice of you Paulette, to give it back to her. Enjoy the sunshine, even if it does spoil your pictures, because back at it home it is raining, sleeting and dark :(

  5. I just bet she was thrilled, way to go. Taylor calls the SNOW penny rug you helped me with last year "Gamma's spider".Guess the six little knobs on the outside remind her of spider legs.Clever huh...and she's only two!!

  6. That is a super cute ufo and you are one great friend!

  7. What a sweet little project and how wonderful that you gifted it back to're a sweetie! Now if you would only gift us some of that sun!

  8. Such a nice thing to do and such a nice surprise for your friend! Yikes what was that glare from the sun. Must be just awful......