Monday, January 14, 2013

Country Comforts…

Recently I was gifted three quilting books…quilting books that I have been lusting over for quite some time now!  How did Seattle Judy know that I would love these books?  Maybe because we love the same style, the same fabric, the same patterns and maybe, just maybe, because she has been lusting over the very same books?!

Judy is luck enough to live near Martingale Book Publishers… close enough to pop in when the deals are too good to resist…Oh she found some good ones…JUST LOOK… 


How could I NOT love these books?

Let’s have a look at the first book… ‘Country Comforts’ by Cheryl Wall (a CANADIAN quilt designer).  Gorgeous book…


..with some gorgeous quilt patterns inside!  Just feast your eyes on this basket quilt…it has everything…nine patch blocks, baskets, a pop of applique and CROWS!!  Crows are right up there with baskets…swooon…


I also love this sweet quilt…the snowball nine patch blocks appear to be floating around sweet little corner applique…VERY cute!


Yup…that Cheryl Wall is one VERY clever designer…and she has a great BLOG too!!  If you don’t follow Cheryl then smack yourself on the side of the head, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and hurry over!  You won’t be sorry! 

Geeze…I hope that’s not going to bruise?

The other two books I’m going to have to review at another time (believe me, they are worth the wait!!)  Thanks again, Judy…I love them all!!

Yikes!  I have got to get ready for yoga, then it’s off to beading in the Oasis Hall!  Busy…busy…

Have a magical Monday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Lucky you, enjoy those books!

  2. I have the Cheryl Wall book in my library but not the other two. I look forward to seeing what is in those two books.

  3. That is wonderful and I do love those types of books too.


  4. Congratulations on your new books. They look like fun projects!.

  5. WOW! beautiful projects.

  6. The Country Comforts book has so many great quilts! I've chosen the cover quilt and purchased the fabrics. Now to just get to it!

  7. Paulette, you are so sweet! Thanks so much!!!

  8. I never met a basket quilt that I didn't like, and that's a beaut! Lucky you to get such lovely books.

  9. O.K. I hope you're happy with yourself now, Paulette. Now that you've got me beating myself up! I knocked by glasses off, had to crawl under the computer desk looking for them, bumped my head in the process, got tangled up in all the cables down there, pulled my monitor down on top of me, and then while I was trying to escape that mess, I pulled the power cord loose on the computer, and lost everything that I was working on. But I did love your blog post!