Friday, January 4, 2013

A Trip to JoAnn’s…

It is SO nice to be here…enjoying the sunshine and bright blue skies!  So this morning did I pull up a lawn chair and enjoy the rays?  NOPE!

I still had these…Coupons to JoAnn’s and they were burning a hole in my pocket…besides there WAS that expiry date…and I didn’t want them to go bad! Winking smile


So Kim and I disappeared out of the RV park for an hour or two…and came back with our deals and a big JoAnn’s smile on our faces!  She has a way of doing that to you!!

Check out a few of my SCORES…I did a happy dance in front of the magazine rack.  JoAnn has the BEST supply of Quilting Magazines…including Quiltmania!!  Ahhhh…come to mama!


Check out what is inside…nice…eh?


And how sweet is this Santa/Reindeer quilt…looks like they are about to do a CanCan…


Notions and threads were on HALF price…I can’t wait to try out the long arm ruler…and the white marking pen for wool.


GO! dies were on 25% off…a better deal than the actual GO! Accuquilt On-Line Shop and NO shipping!  YAHOO!


I really needed another one of these…love it…and it was half price!


Yup…if I have said it once, I have said it a million times…I LOVE JOANN’S!

Hey…if you love this little wall hanging…then hustle your puttoody over to Dorr’s Wool!


The kit is NOW marked down to $20!! PRACTICALLY FREE! I ordered THREE of these kits last week for $25 each which was an excellent price back then!  Remember that includes the $10 pattern!  You can’t lose!

So today…I am hoping to clean windows while enjoying a few rays…unless someone comes along to rescue me and take me away from all this….  Just sayin’… I go with the flow…I’m on holidays!

Have a FUN Friday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Score at Joann's!! I need to go with you as I never know what to get!! I ordered the kit from Dorr's. Thanks for the heads up!!

  2. Love Joann's! Did you get my comment about using your smart phone for their app and even more coupons? Also, have you tried using your IPAD for pictures? Enjoy the sunshine! Sun is shining brightly but 15 degrees brrr.

  3. I have one for a percent off, so that is when I hit them, then I grab batting on sale and use it, so good way to stock up on supplies.


  4. Sounds like your having so much fun! Love the coxcomb and bird runner from Quiltmania... may have to get me a copy of that mag!

  5. I can certainly tell you are excited! Glad you got some good buys. ow enjoy the sun!

  6. Two happy words today...sunshine and SCORE!!!

  7. Do you have JoAnn's stores where you live in Canada? Never thought about it before. We have one big one. My first ever job was at a smaller size JoAnn's. That's the only size there were. And very little in the craft line.

  8. It's always a good time at JoAnn's. So many things to look at. Good score on the magazine. The Santa/reindeer quilt is sweet. And they do look like they're doing the CanCan. Washing windows doesn't sound like much fun, so hoping someone comes round to rescue you.

  9. Paulette,
    You are going to love the clover white marking pen. Just remember it takes a bit for the white line to show up. I love it and even use it on tan.beige fabrics with success.

    Good score at JoaAnn's!

  10. Paulette, you always make me :-).
    Happy JoAnn Day. LOL

  11. Wow, nice finds P. humm one of these days I'll make a special trip to go there too... :)

  12. Thanks for the reminder that the notions are 50% off... I need to go stock up on a couple things!

  13. Thanks for the post about JoAnn's... I thought that notions were not 50% off till next week... will definitely have to go tomorrow:)
    Enjoy the sun and your scores!

  14. Paulette I so wish we had a JoAnns but it's an hours drive away so I don't get there often. My friend gave me one of those magnetic pin holders - she got it in the auto supply store! I think it's made to hold screws. :) blessings, marlene

  15. And so it begins, lol!!! I see many happy trips to Joann's in your future, girl. Love that first quilt in the magazine!

  16. Wow that is some wonderful goodies...may just have to check some of them out! Thanks for sharing :)

  17. Well done, wished we could get good deals here on the GO!