Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ragging In the Clubhouse…

Do you remember when the term ‘ragging’ meant to criticize…like in ‘She is ragging on me AGAIN!’  Well there was lots of ragging happening in the Clubhouse last Wednesday…but it was ALL GOOD and not one word of criticism, especially from THIS quilter! 

Just feast your eyes on this ragging…

Here’s Norma, one of the new quilters...and her rag quilt!  I need to zoom in for you to fully appreciate this quilt as it is VERY striking!P1210650

Zoooommming in…ahhhh…nice hey! 


Let’s zoom in just a wee bit more!  There… NOW you can see what Norma did!  Instead of stitching the square sandwich together with the usual ‘X’, Norma marked her background with a grid…and then top stitched her four squares with a 1/4” seam allowance.  This held her square together and provided a wonderful patchwork pattern.  With further washings these little squares with fray up nicely!


The other thing that Norma chose to do was to bound this quilt with a chocolate brown binding… giving it another punch!  Yup…I like this quilt A LOT!

Don’t you just want to snuggle under it?


Martha was working on another type of rag quilt.  The fabric was cut into circles and she was busy sewing them into rows.  She is using recycled denim and fabric from her stash.


Martha had photos of other quilts that she has made in this fashion…spectacular for sure!


She is using a pattern called “Stars and Circles” by Bonnie B Buttons. I can’t wait to see this quilt further along…or even finished!!   Judging by how organized Martha is…it won’t be long!


Feast your eyes on the rag quilt that Darcy’s created for her Grand Daughter!!  Man, her GD is going to flip when she sees this quilt!


What little girl (or big girl for that matter) wouldn’t LOVE this sweet quilt!


Here’s Grandma Darcy pulling a ‘Wilson’ by peaking over her masterpiece!  Did I mention that Darcy is a ‘newbie’…yup, she is a beginner quilter!!


Thought you might like a close-up…her colour selection is wonderful!


She wanted to add little patches of brown here and there to break up all that pink and blue…and the only brown she could find was a deep solid chocolate…much too dark for this quilt…


…SEW…Darcy took a rubber stamp and dipped it into bleach and stamped the dark brown fabric…creating this wonderful pattern.  It was just the right shade of brown after she was finished!!  How creative!!


Perfect and pretty!


So yes, there WAS lots of ragging going on in the Clubhouse!!  Some VERY creative ragging…and the good kind!

Well I am almost giddy with excitement!!  Only TWO MORE SLEEPS until Claire get here!!  We have been planning her trip down here for the past five YEARS…we needed her to retire first!! 

Claire arrives Tuesday with her almost empty suitcase.  I told her not to bring any clothes…capris, a top, PJs and her toothbrush will be all that she NEEDS…Save the space in that suitcase for all that fabric that she is going to buy!  :o)  )Geeze, I hope her hubby’s not reading this!!)

Oh, we are going to have fun!!  Look out Road to California Quilt Show and every Quilt Shop within a hundred mile radius!!  Do you think they are ready for us?? 

Have a SUNNY Sunday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. I think the road to California wouldn't be the same without you! I haven't done a rag quilt in so long and I love the color scheme on the first one...and the second one would be perfect for some little girls in my life!

  2. Wonderful. I like the pink one with the flowers.

  3. I'm sure Claire is beyond excited for her newly retired quilting adventure. I have a rag quilt that only needs to be clipped, then washed and it's been like that for over 5 years, silly me!

  4. The rag quilts are fun and great for teens too.
    Love how she did the denim circles.


  5. Soooo, that would explain why the cleaning staff couldn't find any rags anywhere! Very creative and beautiful things you make there. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I love rag quilts! If by some remote chance Darcy's granddaughter doesn't like her quilt, feel free to contact me! (Yeah like that's gonna happen!)

  7. Oh I loved these raggy quilts! Try to get some sleep...sounds like you will need it on the road trip!

  8. Very inspiring to me to see the beautiful quilts made by those BEGINNERS! They're beautiful.

  9. Love all those rag quilts. I hope Mr. Paulette can handle all this quilting excitement!