Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Homespun Houses…Works in Progress and a Finish!!

Here’s this month’s Works in Progress~

Yup…I’m still plugging away on my Homespun Quilt…

Here’s she is resting on the RV’s floor (dang that sunlight!!;)…the borders are on and I have the vine appliqued down…slow progress for sure…and it’s no wonder!  I’ve been so busy gallivanting around the countryside… but I do have the stars and leaves all cut out and ironed onto freezer paper!  My GOAL…to be totally finished by next month at this time!  My fingers are crossed…which is going to make it difficult for stitching!


Here’s another work in progress…

Claire’s Hood is really taking shape and looking fabulous! Remember Claire started a lot later than the rest of us!  She has only three and a half houses to finish before her sashing and borders go on!  Go, Claire, GO!

claires Homespun

And we also have a Finished Hood!!  Yup…here is Seattle Judy’s FINISHED HOOD!!  Spectacular isn’t it! 


Judy used homespuns from her stash…and each house is totally different!!  Love it!

Judy’s friend, Cathy, quilted it over the Christmas holidays and she did an amazing job!  I have provided you with tons of close-up pics so that you can see how Cathy quilted this incredible quilt!


Cathy did an awesome job by quilting little details onto each house…I sure hope you can see them! (Click on each picture to enlarge it!)


Oh, man I LOVE the binding fabric…a black stripe cut on the bias!!  It’s like icing on the cake!




I love the stippling around the houses and the meandering in the border!  Everything about this quilt is gorgeous!


And look at the detail on the leaves!!  It’s so nice when the quilt top and the quilting compliment each other!! This is truly team work at it’s best!


And just LOOK at the back..it’s like a whole cloth quilt!!  Beautiful!


Thanks Judy and Cathy for the incentive to get  ‘er done! 

Now hustle your bustle over to Forewoman Anne’s (Cotton ‘N Wool) to see what her crew has been building!  The hoods should be taking shape…

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Oh I love seeing all those homespun houses! They're just beautiful! :0)

  2. Ihave a stack of homespuns in my stash that are over ten years old, I have been wondering what to do with them, love this quilt!

  3. Oh, I love these little neighborhoods, they look like a place I'd like to live in. Beautiful work on all of them, the fabric selections are darling ~

  4. Love the quilts and, the quilting is fantastic!

  5. Fabulous 'hoods! You'll have yours finished in no time.

  6. Holy Moly are those ever fantastic...I had better get my subs on the job!

  7. Love those houses!

  8. I love it! A long time ago, when I first started quilting, I tried to piece a house block... over and over again, and could never get it to turn out right. (using templates and Georgia Bonesteel book). After seeing this, I must find directions and try again!

  9. Just beautiful! I am amazed at all you get accomplished! I love the quilting! You rock!

    Cheery wave!


  10. I just love homespuns. These quilts are fabulous!

  11. Wow wow wow....More inspiration and a FINISHED quilt.. Oh my! I now have ideas to take to my longarmer! Can you believe we are actually going to finish this baby? Woo Hoo!

  12. Fabulous quilts! Love the show and tell of these hoods! Very inspirational!

  13. Love your vine positioning-I started mine but yours makes me want to take it out and position it a little more carefully!
    All coming along beautifully and how inspiring to see a finish! Woohoo, can't wait:)

  14. Beautiful 'hoods'. I made this quilt also and it has turned out to be one of my all-time favorites!
    Paulette, I have been a lurker of your blog for a long while now. I so enjoy reading about your 'doings'. You are a great writer! I do have some bad news to share with you though. The Coop in Temecula has closed their storefront doors....they are now on-line only. I didn't want to be the mean messenger of this bad news, but didn't want you planning a trip there only to find it closed. If you make it down to San Diego, you must go to the Fat Quarters Quilt shop in Vista...it's awesome...one of my favs. Thanks for always perking up my day! Luka

  15. What inspiring houses, I will get mine finished one of these days. So neat to see all the different colours and the borders finish so beautifully. Well done everyone

  16. Absolutely gorgeous! Every one of them! I'm sure there are plenty of folks that wish they had joined in on this construction project! :-)

  17. Love those homespun houses! but that is a LOT of applique . . . it would take me FOREVER to finish!

    So, I read on Rick's blog that you have a week of Quilt Shop Hopping coming up . . . I'm jealous!! Have a blast - I know you will!!