Monday, January 28, 2013

The Loot!

Several of you have been wondering about the LOOT…you know my ‘SCORE’ from this year’s Road…

Well…of course I got wool…soft and yummy!


And I couldn’t leave the Primitive Gatherings’ Booth without a kit…


…or two!



The Wooden Spool had lots of new patterns…and a deal (and you KNOW how much I like a good deal!!)…Pattern were $10 but if you bought 3 the total was only $21!  I had no difficulty finding three…Their samples of each of these patterns were wonderful…much better than the pattern pictures.


Jaybirds quilts was at the Show and I know that my middle daughter loves this quilt…so now we have the pattern and I got to meet Julie!  Such a nice girl!


I couldn’t leave the Show without a Nutmeg Hare pattern…Love this ‘Will You be my Friend’ pattern…(Geeze I hope I don’t already have this pattern…??)


And this sweet Baby Lamb Quilt stopped us in our tracks…so I bought the pattern and the chenille to make it…yes, I’m going to make it in blue!


The Calico Horse put aside this wonderful beige homespun bundle just for me!  Ohhhhh how I miss that shop!


From Liberty Homestead I bought these wonderful mottled hand dyed cottons…loved them!


And I found rulers for mid/long arm machines…these should give me a sampling of what it’s like to use rulers while Free Motion Quilting.


So there you have it… My loot!!

Yesterday we played tourist in Palm Springs…

We took Claire to see the Marilyn Statue…INCREDIBLE!  (I believe I was making a joke about her big girl panties when this photo was taken!!  Yup…I’m no better than my grade one students when it comes to underwear!!)


The market in Old Town La Quinta…


And when we got home, there was nothing like surfing YOUR blogs outside with our iPads and coffees…after a day of touring.  I believe our conversations went like this… “Hey, check out the quilt show that Anna went to in Sister’s yesterday!!” “Wow!  Look at the dye job that Debbie (Woodensails) did!!” (We both bought Antiquing stuff and Ritz dye to try this out!)  “Don’t you LOVE Geoff’s Mom’s chickadee runner…it’s on her blog…scroll down!”  Such fun!


And of course we enjoyed the rays…and ‘hanging together’ out on the desert!

Today we are going to hike Thousand Palms (we have run out of Quilt Shops!!) BUT of course we will leave time in our day to hit JoAnn’s one last time before Claire flies home tomorrow!!  NOW that was a fast week!

Have a magical Monday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Loved seeing your loot! Can't wait to see your projects! And it was great to see some of my old stomping grounds. I didn't know about the Marilyn statue! Have a great week!

  2. The Loot! !
    The trip Was a success


  3. OMG the loot looks spectacular and if you already have that pattern I know a little mammoth that likes it too! lol
    I am most jealous of all the sun and fun going on...maybe next year...

  4. Lots of great stash and fun new patterns to make.
    I got some of that white with the specks, great for snowmen.


  5. My favorite of all your purchases is the wool kit with the bird and nest.

  6. Wowzer, great loot!!! I love the picture of you and Claire with Marilyn. LOL

  7. What a bunch of fun you bought! I always read your blog but rarely comment. Always a delight to share your world. It's your fault I told my husband we should think about getting an RV in a few years...sitting in the sun with your iPad while you surf quilting blogs looks like great fun!

  8. Yes, we always enjoy seeing your new treasures and can't believe Claire's time is just about up!

  9. You are sure coming home with a lot of good stuff. GLad you girls are having so much fun.

  10. Paulette you've probably said before but I don't remember - exactly where is it you go in California, if you don't mind telling me. I'm in Arkansas and I promise not to stalk you. :) My husband and I are hoping to do a bit more traveling when I re-retire this June. We'll likely do a few trips where we travel from place to place but I'd love to go somewhere to stay for a month or two. My parents used to go to south Texas for about 3 months in the winter and that sounds like a great thing to me! But south Texas doesn't draw me - they went for the fishing. I'm looking for something more. blessings, marlene

  11. It's always fun to see the loot! I may be more envious of the warmth your having! Lol

  12. WOW, a very nice variaty of loot!
    Looks like you have had alot of fun. Thanks for sharring.

  13. You sure do know how to get the things you love the most! Now, to make room for all of that in your new sewing room...oh, wait...that's back home!

  14. Fun loot!

    Seriously...there are 9, count them 9 quilt shops in Central Oregon that are calling your hop end of you need me to tell you husband that he needs to detour when coming home?

  15. Ok, you have a serious soft spot for snowmen, considering you live in the most snow-free part of Canada and winter in the dessert! Adorable patterns you scored there!

  16. Wow, everything is so yummy. Love the kits from Primitive Gatherings. Can't go wrong with snowmen!

  17. Awesome Loot! What fun! I love to go to big shows with friends!

  18. You girls sure know how to have fun! Love the loot and the sunshine!