Monday, April 2, 2012


SEW did you miss me??  OR more importantly, let’s talk about ME missing YOU!!

It’s official…I am definitely addicted to the Internet and my computer.  My ugly secret is out!! 

We arrived home on Saturday morning to discover that our phone/cable/internet had NOT been turned on yet!  OUCH!  We ALWAYS phone ahead to get Shaw to turn everything back on…alas…not this time.  Oh we phoned ahead but for some reason they couldn’t flip the switch from their head office…We needed a Shaw repair man to get us switched back on…so we waited over 30 HOURS for one to come…Let’s just say, it was worse than going without my morning coffee!! 

BUT…come he did!!  YIPPEE!!  I’m BACK!!

First off I would like to thank everyone who left such wonderful comments yesterday and Saturday about Maggie’s Bar Admission Ceremony in Vancouver on Friday!!   All the comments were very much appreciated by our whole family!  SEW THANK YOU very much for your thoughtfulness!!

Let’s get back into the swing of things, shall we!  It is so nice to be HOME!!  Although there is ‘stuff’ all over the place…notice I didn’t say ‘crap’ because most of that ‘stuff’ is fabric and wool…haha…and you definitely CANNOT call that ‘crap’!!  Seriously, looks like a bomb has gone off in my sewing room!  NOW where to put it all…??  That’s my job for today!

While I am busy finding homes for everything, I have some great pictures to show you of Sandi’s work…Sandi is a blogging friend from Minnesota who knew that I would appreciate some WOOLIE goodness on this COLD and WET Monday morning!  And man, does it hit the spot!!

IMG_0520 (1)

GORGEOUS!!!  It is called AUTUMN PATHWAYS and is by the Quilted Crow Girls.  I am so loving this quilt!!  Just LOOK at that quilting…!!

IMG_0525 (1)

Now let’s zoom in for a close-up….Ahhhhh….don’t you just love wool applique! 

IMG_0523 (1)

Sheer perfection!!  Thanks Sandi!  I needed that!

Now I NEED to get busy and get this mess cleaned up…that is, after I visit a few blogs and finish my morning coffee…that will cover both of my addictions and set me up for a wonderful day!! TTFN!

Have a magical Monday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. So glad to have you back, P. I just can't start my day without visiting you. What fun you will have going through all your wonderful purchases. If I lived a little closer, I'd come over and help you tidy up.

  2. Glad you are back home safe and sound! The wool applique really hit the spot for me too. The quilting on the quilt was very impressive too. Have a good time looking at the stuff you brought home. Can hardly wait to see your next project.

  3. Welcome home, sorry to hear you weren't connected for over a day, but I look forward to seeing you again on a regular basis.

    I find the wool pincushion using the brass candlestick very interesting in Sandi's picture. The quilt is also very lovely.

  4. Mornings aren't the same without you! I'm sure you are having fun fondling your fabrics and wool and you sort through and put them all away.

  5. Welcome back home!!! So glad you made it safe and sound.

  6. Welcome home. Love the blog.
    Bev in England.

  7. Gorgeous quilt! So glad to have you connected again!

  8. MIssed you this morning at guild......... thought you might be organized to come!! Next week, Easter Monday, there is a machine applique DEMO - just watching from 10 - 1 for $10. We can join in that day if we want. By the same gal who did the stippling class - Cathy. Hope to see you then!

  9. awesome quilt and glad you are back!

  10. I noticed that with wool appliqué the appliqué really stands out after quilting, and Sandi's pieces really looks stunning.


  11. Doesn't take long to find out how much we depend on our internet. Thirty hours is a long time. I hope you found things otherwise ok when you arrived. Welcome home.

  12. well, I for one missed you!
    I was wondering where you were yesterday morning, I couldn't have a visit with you on the blog!
    Poor Leslie!
    Getting settled again is a long job...
    Take care, Leslie

  13. Donald says: The only time it can be called 'crap' is when Rick is going through Customs, then it's called "junk". hahah
    K: what do they know? Nadda.

  14. I missed you yesterday! You're lucky you only had to be without Internet for a day. We had no Internet when we got home and waited over 2 weeks for a serviceman to show up. Was a very long 2 weeks. I'm wondering if you could email me the istructions for 'creating' my own little twister ruler? Welcome back to Canada. Hope your weather is better on your arrival home than ours was a month ago (and for the last month).

  15. We did miss you. So nice that they were able to fix your cable connection so promptly! Now you can keep up with things so much better!! Glad you're home safely, and your house and yard are in good shape. Nice job tying up the little tree that blew over. Amazing what you can accomplish when you don't have internet access, huh? I know it is that way for me. I'd much rather read blogs, than do yard work! But then, I'm old and lazy.

  16. Sencillamente precioso.


  17. So glad you made it back safe and sound. Now the fun part of looking through all of those bags of goodies that you brought back - it will be like Christmas lol. I saw that beautiful quilt at Int'l Quilt Market at the Quilted Crow booth - their things are just stunning in person. Your friend's quilt is beautiful as well - there's such great detail on the quilt. Enjoy unpacking your bags :)

    Hugs - Karen

  18. Glad to see you back! I was worried about you! Happy to know you weren't sick! Beautiful wool quilt!:) You're going to have more fun than me cleaning up your mess- I get to clean up the basement!! YUK!:/

  19. Egads coming home to no internet - glad you survived! Enjoy putting all your treasures away, Paulette!