Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Lucky Woolies in Portland, OR…

You may remember that I wrote about shopping at the Pendleton’s Woolen Mill Store while in Portland, OR last week…and how I was disappointed that there weren’t any deals…you can read all about it HERE


Anyways yesterday, I received this letter from Pendleton’s assuring me that there are deals to be had at the Woolen Mill Store…just not when I was there! 

Please read the following~

Hi Sweet P!
We're sorry that you were unable to find what you were looking for on your recent visit to the Woolen Mill Store.
Your friend might have been thinking of our Fat Quarters -- 8 pieces of Pendleton wool fabric for $25? We do have choose-your-own Fat Quarters and premade sets for the same price. They are made up of our worsted and flannel weight fabrics.
A lot of our remnant pieces end up in our per pound scrap bins. We have a $3 per pound bin for pieces 3-9" wide and a $5 per pound bin for larger pieces. The $5 per pound bins can be found beneath the fabric tables and the $3 per pound bin is in front of our large cutting table towards the back of the store. Our supply of scraps depends entirely on what they're making at our two Pacific Northwest mills. We have no control over what we get and when we get it... but we do have a weekly Truck Report on our blog (
thewoolenmillstore.blogspot.com) on Friday mornings to let everyone know what the Pendleton truck delivered this week.
What you see on the tables are first-quality yardage cut from the rolls -- prices for table pieces start at $5 per yard. The largest remnants do tend to appear on a table -- usually towards the back of the fabric area.
We do hope you'll give us another visit the next time you're in Portland. Any of our sales associates can guide you to the best deals in the store!

So Woolies of Portland, OR or Woolies passing through Portland, let’s not write Pendletons off our wool shopping trip!!


Let’s give them another chance…and let’s hope that their bins aren’t bare and that their Fat Quarters are back on the tables!

On the woolie note…I have completed one more Autumn Heart to Hand block…have a gander~

P1170914  I’m one block closer to finishing!!:o)

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Good for them to write you this informative letter !

  2. Nice letter. I didn't know all that. Your new block is a beauty. In spite of unpacking and 'putting away' you are forging ahead on the stitchin' front. You are such an inspiration!

  3. Well this is definitely a road trip for Robin and I!!!

  4. Every time I see the wool applique, I want to do it! I have a son in Portland. Maybe he'll go buy me some wool?!!! I guess I need to leave some hints!!

  5. The wool looks wonderful! It was nice of them to reply.

  6. Well, that's very nice to know, and very nice of them to let you know! In the event that we're able to come up your way for a visit someday, I'll have to get a shopping list from you, and stop in the store on the way! Hope we can get by the fabric sniffing dogs at the border, though. Will they detain us very long if we carry wool? Would Maggie entertain the idea of defending us if they do?

  7. Thanks for the update, I'm heading south later this year and will definitely have to drop in coming and going home.

    Your block looks wonderful.

  8. If someone ever thought that they weren't influential ...... I'm just sayin'

  9. My gosh, they read your blog, too!
    Beautiful block.

  10. Hmm- the power of quilters. Hopefully the sales clerk will be a little more interested next time in letting you know where the real sales pieces are right!

  11. I tend to hit stores that just had a sale or one coming the week I am not there, lol. Hard when you are traveling to hit them at the right time, but always fun to go in and look around.


  12. Well wow, how cool is that? Oh the power of the internet, lol. I have a feeling you're known in the fabric world as "that crazy wool lady".....*G* ....which is a Good Thing!!!

  13. Wow woman, looks like you got some extra special attention there! How nice of them to take the time to email you.

  14. The wool looks wonderful! It was nice of them to reply.