Tuesday, April 10, 2012

She’s BACK…

Yup…this picture says it all… “She’s back!” :o)


I’M BACK!!  Back to my first Heritage Quilters’ Guild Monday!!  And man, it was great…lots of lovely quilts in the works and wonderful ladies… There is nothing like sharing a morning talking about quilts..or ANYTHING about quilting for that matter…not to mention sharing a coffee or two and goodies!

So I hope YOU have poured yourself a brew as I show you what these incredible quilters have been up to!

Get ready…everyone..all together…AHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!P1170958

Now last Fall when I left Heritage, Louise was working on a REAL sock puppet…looks like she has got Sock Puppet fever!!  Is this not the cutest quilt!!  And look at the fabric in the smaller squares..it’s sock puppet fabric!!  SEW DANG CUTE!


Vickie said that after seeing all the fun that the Clubhouse quilters were having with the Lil’Twister she had to try it out!!  This is a Christmas runner…


You REALLY have to look at the print to tell it’s a Christmas runner…which means I would keep it out ALL year long!  :o)

And just LOOK at that Quilting!!  Perfect!


One thing about the Lil’Twister…you can NEVER just make ONE!!  It’s SEW much fun!  Vickie also made this Spring quilt…

P1170963 ..VERY sweet!!  Which makes me think…wouldn’t the Lil’Twister make an adorable baby quilt….  Food for thought…

Delores bought this book…and a metal holder…P1170966

And has been cranking out these little banners… How cute is this! 


Delores hopes to make all six mini quilts and hang the holder in her foyer…then she can change out the quilt every other month!  Very clever!


And Delores made these two fish blocks for the Raffle Blocks’ Box…(I forget what they call it!  Yup…the old brain needs to work overtime on this one…!)  Anyways…her blocks go into the box and she will now get two chances to win the box of blocks at the end of the month.  Enough fish blocks to make a whole quilt…or two!  Good luck, Delores!!

(Hopefully I will remember to take pictures of more fish blocks…so that you get the idea…)P1170967There is always a quilt or two or three getting pinned ready for  quilting!  So much nicer having extra hands helping and without having to crawl around on the floor!


Vickie made this sweet runner as a thank you for a jar of Anti Pasto…hey Vickie do you need any jam…or pickles…how about…??


This picture does not do this quilt justice…it was DANG cute!!

P1170975This gorgeous quilt was a UFO for quite awhile before the quilter finished it…I LOVE IT!!  Bet she’s happy it’s finished and on her couch! 


This quilt was inspired after this quilter read a poem..called ‘The Colours of Spain’…I think she should rename it ‘Sweet P’s Colours’…this quilt made my mouth water!  Just wonderful!


A lovely baby quilt…simple but VERY sweet!   P1170982 I’m so glad that Tracey was busy over the Winter months…or was this done this week?  Tracey is THAT kind of quilter…bangs these puppies off left, right and centre and they are MAGNIFICENT!! Oh and might I add…they are all HAND stitched!! P1170984

You might recognize this quilt…it’s Bunny Hills FREE BOM from last year…called Henrietta Whiskers.


Let me leave you with a few close-up shots…

P1170986 P1170987


It’s SEW great to be back!!

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Quilting!!


  1. I love that monkey quilt, so fun and creative.


  2. Very talented ladies at the Heritage Quilters' Guild. Seems like everywhere you go, the quilters produce amazing quilts. Especially like Henrietta Whiskers. Love the colours.

  3. Oh my! What a lot of pretty things! I love your blog header very much too :)

    Please feel free to link up any time with all the canucks at http://needleandthreadnetwork.blogspot.com
    It's a place to share your blog and hook up with other Canadians.
    ~Monika in Saskatoon

  4. Adorable monkey quilt! Is there a pattern or did she dream it up?

  5. I'm sure they missed you terribly. Love that Colours of Spain quilt! The colors just dance around like rain hitting a puddle.

  6. Très belles choses que vous faites dans votre Guide, j'ai formé aussi ici une Guide en 2011 nous sommes huit membres. C'est agréable de travailler ensemble. Je suis certaine que vous êtes fier.
    L'acher pas Gisèle

  7. I'm glad you're back too 'cause I love your show and tells! Some very talented ladies!

  8. Wow, some very creative ladies!! Thanks for sharing!:)

  9. Love the sock monkey quilt. Do you know the source of the pattern?