Thursday, April 19, 2012

Life is Tweet!…AND Sew are YOU!

On Saturday I met my friend Claire for lunch at ‘our’ favourite restaurant, Murchies and caught up on five months of being away!!  We both talked a mile a minute…exchanged lovely gifts and then made plans for NEXT YEAR!!

Claire is retiring in JUNE from a career as a teacher!  Which means she will be free as a bird come January and Road to California time…yup, she is planning on joining us for the trek to Road…(you hear that Gwen…we can squeeze her in somewhere, can’t we?!  We’ll strap her to the roof of your van if we have to…Claire won’t mind one bit!!:)  I don’t know who is more or Claire!!  So it’s official…I have written about it, so it is GOING to happen!!  Stay tuned for January 2013..a VERY lucky year!

After lunch, Claire and I found ourselves in front of the NEW Satin Moon Quilt Shop…new owners have taken over and the shop has moved a couple of blocks down Fort Street away from the main street in downtown Victoria.

I know a terrible picture…but you get the idea…nothing special outside EXCEPT for…


THIS…ohhhh man, I love Victoria!! 


Inside, the sales girls were wonderful and let me take pictures…


There’s Claire’s back…I know what you’re thinking ‘She’s WAY too young to be retiring!!’ and you are SEW right!!  Sure hope she can keep up to me!! haha


The back of the shop…


GORGEOUS table topper!! 


Lots of Spring flowers everywhere!


With a sprinkle of Fall…


Very nice…now all this shop needs is a little Wool Corner and maybe some Civil War fabrics…and it would be perfect!!  Things are looking up in Victoria!!

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The Robin Strawberries Wool Mat is FINISHED and willing to fly anywhere on the Planet…maybe even to YOUR house!!  So make sure you enter!!


I hope you have Berry good luck…


..because you are berry TWEET!P1180134

Have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Quilting!!~P


  1. I have a great idea for you. Rick could buy you a "quilt bus". That would be a nice bus that would carry you and all your quilting buds to all the places you need to go, in comfort and in style!! Plus, those buses have BIG BAYS underneath where you can put loads of great fabric and stuff!! You could have it custom painted, and it could even look like a quilt! It would be so perfect. You could even have a fun contest on your blog to name the bus. It would be great! Promise to mow the lawn for Rick and he would probably do anything for you!

  2. Thanks for posting about Satin Moon. I didn't know it had moved. Looks like a much better location and, perhaps, easier parking. When I was there last year, with a friend from Vancouver, they didn't have any of the fabrics we liked, so I crossed them off as a destination. I hope the new owners will realize how much we love our Civil War fabrics, and wools and try stocking a few collections.

  3. Thanks for the tour around this lovely shop, it makes me giddy thinking about being there although as I'm in England it would a quite a bus ride LOL

    Peg x

  4. Nice store, lots of variety.


  5. We LOVE Victoria. Our first trip was in May 1966. I was astonished to see all the beautiful flowers in full bloom so early in the Spring. Our last visit was about 5 years ago in December to attend the Christmas show at Buchart Gardens. Perhaps it's time for another visit to see the Satin Moon Quilt Shop!! ***** Your Robin Strawberries wool mat is so beautiful and I hope it flies to my house!!!

  6. What a great shop! I love seeing all of the samples.

    Your Road trip will be fun next year. I will have to keep my eyes open for a group that looks to be having way too much fun . Oh wait....that could be anyone at Road!

  7. Wow, looks like a great quilt shop for sure!!! Sounds like you gals had a good time!!

  8. Cute shop~ I loved all the samples. :-) And I love that topper!! Have a happy day!

  9. Sounds like your girls are planning a fun trip for next year. Thanks for the quilt shop tour. It look very nice. Your wool mat is gorgeous!!! I hope it will fly all the way over to my house!!

  10. Some day I am going to visit Victoria - it looks so pretty. You are berry tweet too!

  11. Nice to be back home, huh! Nice quilt shop too. I can see there are a lot of cool posts in your future.

  12. That looks like a great shop - congrats to Claire on her retirement!