Thursday, January 7, 2010

“You’ve Arrived at Your Destination….”

We pulled out of Pismo Beach bright and early yesterday morning, followed the coastline down to Santa Barbara before turning inland toward LA and on to Palm Springs.  We “arrived at our destination” as Gidget the Gadget likes to say (our GPS).  Just once I’d like her to say something different like “Hey you’re here!” or “You dodged another one!!” or “Shake a leg” or “Wakey Wakey”.  The dogs get all excited when they hear her say I guess someone appreciates her! 

It is SO good to be here…like coming home as this is our third year at coming back to the Sands RV Resort!   More importantly we get to REALLY unpack…everything comes out…the lawn chairs, the satellite dish, the big table, the three little tables…it’s amazing what you can pack into a 5th wheel…and we are not even going to mention the stuff that’s UNDER the bed :O).

Let me show you around the place…  P1050231 This is one of the cul-de-sacs leading to the RV sites as well as some of the permanent Park Models.


This is my favourite part of the park…all the palm and date trees that line the streets.

P1050233 P1050236

This is the back of our 5th wheel. Look at the light over head…it is about 4:30pm and the sunsets are always spectacular.   No one is behind us…yet.  We had a nice couple from Salt Spring Island last year(just off of Vancouver Island).  Rick called them the bats as they never left their camper before noon…later, after we met them, we learned that they were both writers…they got up early and wrote (in their camper)and then would explored the area later in the day. 


And this is the golf course…with the San Jacinto Mountains in the background…I sit and drink my morning coffee and look at these mountains from my ‘living room’…except now that I’m a blogger I have better things to do! Like blog surf…and have my coffee with you!


I completed two more blocks of Fit to Frame Thirteen by Lori Smith.  I’ve got to admit I have really enjoyed working on these little blocks.  Stitching on wool is very soothing, relaxing and satisfying.

P1050244 P1050245 P1050247

Have a terrific Thursday and Happy Quilting!!


  1. That is absolutely beautiful! What a great way to spend the winter!

  2. Not long ago I was watching the sun come up while sitting on a patio in San Jacinto, coffee in hand, admiring those very same mountains. San Jacinto is a nice place to spend a few weeks in January! I am missing it now, believe me, the 2 degrees we are enjoying this morning makes me wish I were flying into Palm Springs this weekend! Just the light makes a girl feel brand new - it's so charged with energy! Glad you are there and sharing so I can get my CA fix through you. :0)

  3. What a beautiful place to stay and gorgeous mountains and sunsets. I bet you are glad to be settled and you can relax now.


  4. Glad you made it there safely! If you have time be sure and check out "The Temecula Quilt Co." quilt shop in Temecula. It is another one of my favorites!

    Also "Road to California" starts next week in Ontario. Huge Quilt show and convention. I will be coming down on Tuesday and staying through Sunday. Taking classes from Jo Morton and doing some VENDOR SHOPPING!!

    Have fun!


    Elaine in SLO,CA

  5. such a beautiful area, have a great time

  6. How lovely is that view! Ok, I'm a tad bit jealous. I'll go sit on the heating vent and pretend I'm there.
    Blocks are gorgeous!

  7. Psssst. If you're ever in the area of Carpenteria, stop in at the Treasure Hunt.

  8. and the destination looks absolutely beautiful. I do envy you. All that and quilt shops too?

  9. i think you might like this
    Have fun!

  10. So you have arrived at your destination and how long are you going to stay there?