Sunday, January 31, 2010

Itchin’ for Stitchin’…

   Now that my crazy wool block is together, I need to start planning what’s going into each little crazy section.  As I flipped through the ‘Wool Crazy’ book looking at the appliqué patterns,  I am saying (to myself)…yup, that one is going in…and this one, oh and yes definitely this one and so are you and…well…they are ALL so wonderful I want ALL of them to go in…

My plan is to work from the centre block to the edges.  “My home” is the centre of my little world, so the middle block is definitely going to be a house…so that is what I worked on last night. Do you think I’m getting home sick?  nahh…

The challenging part for me will be all the crazy embroidery stitches that go around each block. I need HELP, so yesterday I went to JoAnn’s and bought this embroidery book.


I spent a few hours laying in the sun perusing it from cover to cover before dozing off….  ;o)

These are the simple basic stitches…and there are three more pages of fancier more advanced (but do-able) stitches!!


For each row of stitching there are clear and concise instructions – with pictures…which is important as I am definitely a visual learner!


I am going to LOVE this book! It’s a good thing!

Have a Super Stitching Sunday and Happy Quilting!!


  1. That looks like a good book. I will have to get out my book and try a practice block with wool and see if I can do some stitches. It would be a good way to use up my rats nest of loose threads;)


  2. That looks like a fantastic book! Some of the stitches are just gorgeous. I think that I would bet most of us are visual learners. That is why I just love to take classes when I can.

  3. That looks like a good book to have. I was thinking about checking out the library to see what they had. Are you going to use embroidery floss or pearl cotton for your stitching?

  4. I thought about putting a house in teh center too for the same reason!! I'm cutting the wool applique and finding a palce for it, so I'm not sure a house will fit in my center block. Love the book! I've found some good online websites that show stitches too.

  5. I so much enjoy your posts - I haven't done much sewing but I do have a sewing machine and my mom would be a wonderful teacher.. sometime.. I enjoy sewing all of your projects....

  6. Thanks for showing what the inside of the book looks like.I thought that I had an embroidery stitch book , but it is a book of ribbon embroidery flowers. So i will need to get a reference for regular embroidery stitches.

  7. Hi, just came accross your blog and have so enjoyed seeing all your wonderful creations. I have become a follower:)
    I am so interested in seeing this wool crazy quilt coming together for alot of bloggers and yes, I am soooo envious! So far in UK, this book is not available, so I will observe from Ireland in the meantime:)
    Nice to meet you,
    Shazy x

  8. Surfed over from Jenny of Elefantz logged on to yopur osts and have had a lovely few minutes eyeing spectacular designs thanks for the opportunity.

  9. I also have this book and so love a lot of the stitches for my crazy quilt.good instructions ... have fun.. happy stitching..