Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Quilter’s Coop

The Quilter’s Coop is one of my top three all time favourite Quilt Shops!  It is located in Old Town, Temecula and I was lucky enough to go there last week.  Why is this one of my favourites you ask…?

Well..they carry a lot of Civil War and Reproduction fabrics…and look at how it’s displayed…


Lots of eye candy…all over the place!!


Look at this sweet little churn dash quilt…adorable!


The store is divided into sections….baby quilts and fabric, batiks, 30’s and 40’s prints, children’s prints, moda fabrics, gizmos and gadgets, wool, homespun's, etc. etc.


This was their Rouenneries by French General Section…gorgeous stuff and look at that quilt! P1050460 P1050461

Homespun’s…love these fabrics!!


AND here is ‘our quilt’…the one we are making over at Wool Crazy Sew Along…. This is only one block and it’s not finished.P1050463

Look closely..you can see how this quilt is basted together…


Go ahead..click on each picture for a close up!!  Love it!


This is Lisa Bongean’s BOM (Primitive Gatherings)..stunning.  It is wool felt appliquéd onto a gold/yellow cotton background. 


Tons of wool and wool patterns!P1050467 P1050468 P1050469

Yikes!!  Someone is taking a picture of me!!  ;0)


  I love these Simple Put patterns…designed by a local quilter. P1050473 P1050474

Fill a bag with scraps for $3.50…How fun is that !  I looked inside this washer and saw all these large pieces of Rouenneries …I managed to squeeze every last piece into my ziplock!


And best of all…a SALES room- everything is 40% off!!  Got to love that!


And this is their classroom…


As I was chatting with the lady at the till I mentioned that I was organizing a van load of quilters to come to the Quilter’s Coop.  So what does she say? “…make sure you phone first so that we can put together some gifts for the ladies!”  I mean really- I LOVE THIS STORE!!  And when I asked if I could take pictures of the shop she said “We would LOVE you to take pictures!!  We tell our quilt designers that we encourage pictures being taken and no designer  has ever had a problem with it!! So take as many pictures as you want!”   How sweet are they!

If you are in Temecula, make sure you stop in but be prepared to spend lots and lots of time…it’s huge!!  Then when you are finished take in Old Town…lots of unique shops and restaurants.  You will love it!!

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Quilting!


  1. Oh my goodness...I am so glad I found your blog, through another blog I follow. Cottons N Wool! I am just recently discovering wool!! I was at Road and bought a couple kits, and am SO anxious to get busy with wool. I am a quilter, about 10 or so years, and I too LOVE Quilter's Coop in Temecula, but have not been in a long time! My daughter is moving out near them so I shall be visiting often. I live in Corona.
    Happy travels...and LOVE the quilt in your header!!

  2. Thank you for the virtual visit!! It looks the BEST quilt shop!!

  3. I LOVE Temecula! I live about an hour away and used to belong to a quilt guild in Temecula. I haven't visited this quilt shop, but now I MUST GO there very soon! Thanks for the post.

  4. Be still my heart - what a delightful shop. I must make the trek some day soon.

  5. That looks like a wonderful shop and I love shops that display quilts from their patterns like that. It really helps when picking out new patterns to see them worked up.


  6. Thud! That was me hitting the floor. I think I fainted after seeing that shop. I am soooooo envious...no, make that jealous...of you Paulette. I know I would go nuts there.

    Question? Were the pieces of the WC blocks machine sewn together first or just basted and then fancy stitched? I'm dying to start mine!

  7. yup, that's a shop I'd like to spend a day at! Love your reflection picture! A nice sunny day here in No MN - still plowing out from storm, waiting for more.
    Have a great day!

  8. Quilter's Cottage (I think that's still the name) is in Fallbrook. New ownership and location from when I live there. I do wish Quilter's Coop was in Temecula when I was living in Fallbrook. Great looking shop.

  9. Thanks for taking me along to the Coop. I think I liked the shop they were in before this one. It had a lot more personality and better suited them. This shop has more space though. Where else did you go while in Temecula? Hmm???

  10. Thanks for taking us along with you to the quilt shop. I really enjoyed the pictures of the Wool Crazy block, still waiting for mine to arrive in the mail.

  11. That shop looks so great! I wonder why there are so many good shops so close together. There must be a lot of quilts around. I love the pictures of the Wool Crazy quilt and am glad I ordered the book! I like those Simply Put patterns, too. I've seen the quilt with the crow before on someone's blog, but could never figure out how to see the patterns online anywhere.

  12. what a lovely store and what a lovely saleswoman! How refreshing for a store to treat you like you were at home. Love it all!, thanks for sharing your adventure. Thanks for the new word Rouenneries, i looked it up, fab fabrics.

  13. Good morning, thank you for the visit to the shop. If I close my eyes I can pretend to be there. Probably safer that way, I can't buy anything. I am interested in your passion for wool. I have not seen any around and will explore the possibilities. I would love to join you in your project but really must finish some special quilts for special people (both very late).

  14. What a great shop,, I could spend all day there, fantastic!
    I have done lots of crazy p/work but never in wool, looks great!
    Julia ♥

  15. Oh boy - I'd love to spend a week and a million dollars in THAT store! Woohoo!

  16. Have you got room for a little one (haha) on that bus?

  17. Thanks for the tour! Now I can tell my hubbie that I saw a quilt store and really didn't spend any money! That shop would be a danger zone for me! Have fun when you return with your little group!

  18. Paulette,

    Thanks for the tour...I haven't been into "Quilter's Coop" in ages but do see the necessity for me to visit!

    Next time we are down visiting in Poway I will be sure to make a detour!

    Thanks for letting taking us along on your travels!


    Elaine in SLO, Ca

  19. Pure eye candy and I love that churn dash quilt.