Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I’m all a flutter…

..why you ask?  Because I have won a Give Away! I get SO excited about winning Give Aways mainly because I have NEVER won anything before blogging!  See blogging has changed my life in more ways than you can imagine- it has made me LUCKY!! ;o)

Stephanie, from Loft Creations has just Blogged her 500th posting so to celebrate this event she did a random draw and I won her latest Loft Creation!  It’s an adorable Butterfly Love Wall Pocket Hanger pattern….

As I look around the trailer I see this~ Right beside the door, I have a plastic bag that holds the  poop bags and the dogs’ leashes.  Pretty ugly right?  Wouldn’t a Butterfly Wall Pocket holder look cute there instead of this ugly bag? 



This would DEFINITELY look a lot cuter and the mutts would be able to hold their heads up with pride every time I reached into the Butterfly Love Pocket…. 

imageI love it Stephanie- thank you so much!!!  If you love it too then hurry over to Loft Creations and order it for yourself.  It’s Stephanie’s newest creation! (Stephanie’s daughter designed this cover- didn’t she do a great job!!)

Look at the picture of our trailer door.  See the blue squirt bottle in the corner?  Our puppy, Rylie has turned into a yapper…there is NOTHING worse than a yappy mutt in a RV Park!  So whenever she goes into her barking frenzy outside, I zap her with a shot of water from the squirt bottle and GUESS WHAT?  It is working!!  When someone walks by she looks at me and then at the squirt bottle and doesn’t say a word!!  I’m not saying she is perfect but she is pretty darn close…BUT the squirt bottle is staying at the door…for now!


Yes, this pattern is FREE!


Quilt Soup is giving away this VERY cute quilt pattern called Petal Path. Isn’t that sweet of them!!  Check it out and a download it quick!  In fact if you got to this page and scroll down they have lots of gorgeous FREE patterns!!  We are SO lucky!! They are also selling the kits to go with these quilts!!  Thank you Quilt Soup!

Have a wicked Wednesday (I’m off to the Clubhouse for quilting!!  I’m so excited!!) and Happy Quilting to you, too!


  1. See...the sky is the limit on uses for the wall pocket organizer!!! Thanks for the advertisement.

  2. That is a nice wall organizer and definitely prettier than plastic;) It is hard in a trailer, to find space and keep things organized.


  3. What a useful pattern to win! Endless Christmas or birthday presents! I'm off to check out your links.
    Thank you for the tip on yappers, one of our dogs has started barking for nothing, so I'm going to try out the squirter idea...

  4. Absolutely, the Wall Pocket quilty pocket thing will be an upgrade from the plastic bag, lol, not that there's anything wrong with the plastic bag...congrats on a fun win! Good idea that water skirt thing, nobody likes a barking dog, not even when it's your own barking dog. Thanks for the alert to this cute quilt pattern. Bye for now. :o)

  5. Congrats on your win! And thanks for sharing about the free pattern -- it's SO CUTE!

  6. You will love the pattern! I was one of her testers. My post on her pattern and my sample is going up tomorrow. The pattern was very easy to follow and very versatile. You will love it! Congrats on the win!

  7. How absolutely perfect and timely that you won - it will look wonderful by the door! Too funny about the pup and squirt bottle - I've known that to work for cats but that's the first I've heard it works for dogs too.

  8. Congratulations on your winning the giveaway! You found a perfect use for the pattern, too.

  9. Well done on your win, and I love the thing about training Rylie. I too had heard of squirting a cat, but never realised you could use it with a puppy too.

  10. Congratulations on your win
    Hugs Janice

  11. My sister also uses the water trick on her dog, it works.