Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Road to California…yes… Part 4!!

Yes, these are my Road to California shopping bags…and boy, were they heavy…

P1050399 What did I end up bringing home with me?

Some wool…mottled white, red , orange and green plaid. P1050408  A Schnibble kit (Picnic) from Quilter’s Coop…love their shop in Old Town Temecula.P1050414

Madeline came home with me… P1050415

Some Fat Quarters by French General…love this fabric!


Yes, the Halloween stitchery…so sweet!


 P1050418 P1050419  P1050421

Flower Baskets by Wooden Spool.

P1050422 P1050423 P1050424  

And a Sticks and Stones kit. P1050432

I also bought a 14” No-Slip Hand quilting Hoop so that I could hand quilt my Fit To Frame Quilt…I bought it at the Heart to Hand booth for only $2 and I LOVE it as the fabric does not move in the hoop at all!  It really works!

So….Merry Christmas to ME!   I have a very generous hubby!!  How did he know that this is what I wanted for Christmas?  He knows me SO well!  :o)

Now On to the Quilt Show~    

This was my favourite quilt- it stopped me in my tracks!  It was long and skinny (maybe 18”x 5’ guess??) with really little BEAUTIFUL quilts and realistic people looking at the quilts…I did a double take!  VERY realistic!

P1050381    P1050386 P1050387 P1050388

There were so many people taking pictures of this quilt that I couldn’t get a picture of the whole thing…just segments…but I think you get the idea.

Another favourite~ Winter Wonderland.  I had seen this quilt on someone’s blog and loved it…but to see it in real life- WOW!  A show stopper!  A lot of people were around this quilt too!! 

P1050389 P1050390

I took a lot of pictures of this quilt because someday I want to make it!! P1050391 P1050392 P1050393 P1050394 P1050395

The Chickadee….This was a jaw dropper!!  It looks like a little quilt, doesn’t it but NO!  It was about 5’X6’ (my guess).  Each needle on the fir tree was about 6 inches long.  It was GORGEOUS!  I don’t know where you would hang it, but it was stunning!!


Just look at these quilts…YIKES!!  Masterpieces!!


And this one was made from scraps…just loved it!  The background behind the hexagons was made of lighter coloured hexagons.  And look at the little churn dash blocks around it!  So sweet!



So that’s it~ the Road to California…done for another year!! Hope you enjoyed the show as much as I did!!  What do you think?…Same time, same place…next year??  It’s a date!!

Have a wonderful Wednesday and Happy Quilting!!


  1. Thanks for posting pics of these beautiful quilts! They are inspiring! I love David Taylors bird quilt, I was able to go to his trunk show last may and it was so neat to hear him. I also love that quilt show quilt. AMAZING!

  2. Those medallion quilts are gorgeous!
    They remind me of my Sylvia's Bridal Sampler with twice the blocks. I'm still plugging away here to finish my first ones for my quilt...21 of 140 to go. Thanks for the diversion.

  3. That's so weird! I made a conte pencil drawing of a chickadee in grade 8 that is almost identical to that quilt!!! The Redwork winter wonderland quilt is a fav of mine, too. You should be able to get that embroidery all done before returning home, eh?

  4. have some awesome purchases! I see that your little Schnibble kit just might be Jo? If still my heart!! Great pictures shared of the quilts...always better in person I'm sure!

  5. Your favorite quilt made me take a second look, I was trying to see the skinny quilt, then I saw it. Can't wait to see the quilts you are going to make this coming year. Thanks for sharing.

  6. The scrappy hexagon quilt was one of my favorites from the show!

    Such a great time!


    Elaine in SLO,Ca

  7. I want to go!!!! Should I start saving my money now, Paulette? (wink)

    Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed every minute and every picture.

  8. I agree, every picture tells a wonderful story, Loved your purchases too! Looking forward to seeing these done. Loved your choices of fabrics and the quilts, Simply Stunning! Book me in for next year! i will be watching this space.
    Thank you for such a lovely and inspiring journey, i have enjoyed every minute of it all.

  9. I think you have way more than you can use;) LOL
    What an amazing quilt, wish I had more time to sit and create something so beautiful. That bird is gorgeous, really love how she did that one.


  10. Wow!!!

    Thank you for the great photos of all those wonderfully inspiring quilts!

    Great purchases there. You are going to be busy sewing! lol.

  11. Okay, so I have been following your Road to California excursion and all I can say is one word... jealousy! Bad me! I so wish I could have gone with you. Now I really need to prioritize and put this on one of the need to go shows. Thanks for all the wonderful pics and letting us all tag along!

  12. Paulette -- You are SO lucky! What an awesome quilt show! I love those little Schnibbles patterns -- my sisters and I probably have over a dozen of them! I don't think we have Madeline, though . . . that's a nice one! That "quilt show" quilt was incredible!!

  13. wow.. thanks for love all you fabrics and patterns you purchased..and still envious lolol... glad to see your having a great time... keep on stitching and having fun...

  14. Thanks for the kind words on my quilt, The Quilt Show. It actually measures 108" X 30" and you can see the whole thing on my website: I am honored that so many people enjoyed the quilt. I guess we all see a little of ourselves in it. Happy quilting!

  15. Merry Christmas indeed - you certainly know how to shop! I love it all!
    Oh my gosh I did a double-take at that first quilt - I thought it was a real picture of people looking at quilts!!! That's amazing. I'd love to do the Winter Wonderland one too - I saw one in a quilt shop here. Just beautiful Thanks for taking me along with you!
    BTW, I'm giving you an award on my blog.

  16. Oi, amiga!
    Estou revendo seu cantinho... sempre criativo e maravilhoso!
    Um ótimo dia!
    Itabira - Brasil

  17. The first quilt is just amazing. The others were all super, but that just took my breath away.

    I loved your purchases too. I see you are planning ahead for next Christmas's decorating.

  18. Looks like you have purchased some lovely treats...I have enjoyed following your journey...thanks Paulette.

  19. Did you get a good work out packing those bags around?! What wonderful purchases and the quilts are amazing. Thanks for sharing so many great photos.

  20. Hey how did I miss this post yesterday? :-) I love all your purchases - can I come play with your toys? LOL

    Thank you for sharing the show with us.

  21. Yes it´s a date. The first quilt is so real I thought it was real people looking at the quilts at the show and was wondering what quilt you were talking about.

  22. Thanks so much for bringing us along Paulette! Wonderful!

  23. I've been a "silent" reader for a certain time, but now I want to say a little hello. Your blog is beautiful and so motivating. I can get a lot of inspiration for my new hobby. Thank you! I'll certainly visit you again.
    Greetings from Switzerland,