Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Cotton Ball…Part 2…

This is part two of my visit to the Cotton Ball Quilt Shop in Morro Bay…

So the BIG question seems to be…Did I buy anything?  Let’s save the good stuff for last…I believe we were in the upholstery fabric room…

Check out the cute pillows…I love them but the fabric was a fortune. The buttons are so cute and make the cushions pop…

P1050014 P1050015 P1050016 P1050017

They even sell machines and lots of gizmos…


This shop is really an old converted house…fabric in the bathtub…and to the left yummy soap!  This room smelled wonderful!P1050019 P1050020

This is the landing to the stairs…YES, there is another floor of fabric, patterns and deals!


Going up…quilts hanging everywhere!


Baby quilts and clothing at the top….


A long wall of patterns…..P1050024

More patterns and sale fabric…now you’re talking!


Tons of books and also lots of books 50% off!



Bins of stuff on sale all over the place…boggles the mind!

Whew!  So there you have it!!  What a store!! 

So what did I buy…?

Well FYI ~I am a bargain hunter…always looking for a deal.  There were lots of deals to be found in this shop!P1050081

Fat quarters for 99 cents! P1050082

Half yard cuts for $2.50 each!


I found these two upholstery fabrics in a sales bin 50% off….I can see a bag or pillows out of these two!


This 1 1/2 yards of fabric was calling my name and it was also 50% off!


All of the books that I bought were 50% off…I loved many of the quilts in this book… especially this one….

P1050087  P1050089

Sometimes you have to pay full price if you REALLY love it and I REALLY loved this book.  Lots of embroidery projects to do and they are all lovely….

P1050090 This is one of them…isn’t it sweet!


This book was REALLY cheap and I LOVED the bird applique on this pillow so I bought the book just for that!  It was only $3.50 or something like that…cheap! P1050095  Sorry about the glare…I love this book and it was less than the price of a magazine! There are several pages of appliqué designs…P1050098

Check them out….


I have been drooling over Rouenneries by French General for some time now but haven’t found any in Canada…  So I bought 4 charm packs and some fat quarters.  Love this fabric!!  I need to find some reds next…P1050104 P1050105

And a redwork panel that I am going to embroider over and this fat quarter…

Whew!  So what do you think?  Not bad for under an hour!!   

Now how to get this big bag into the truck without my husband noticing….   Look it’s a it’s a plane…. 

Seriously, my husband is great about me buying fabric…it’s not like I do it everyday…

Now where is my list of fabric shops for tomorrow? :o)

Sight seeing pictures~I’ve got to throw in a few of these or you’ll think that I am addicted to quilt shops… This is the W. R. Hearst Park – you can see the Hearst Castle sitting on the hill overlooking this beach. 


 P1050038 P1050043 P1050050

A beautiful day in paradise! 

Have a  wonderful Wednesday and Happy Quilting!


  1. Part 2 was seriously worth the wait, LOVED it that place looks amazing.
    Redwork , that gave me an idea, you could make a redwork map of your quilting holiday when you get back, it would be fascinating. with little postage sized snaps of the shops on your way.

  2. I love the way you sight see - wonderful quilt store. Love all your purchases.

  3. Wow, wow, wow!! So the big question is, was your husband still waiting in the car or did he leave for a bite to eat??

  4. There is a DELICIOUS place to eat at the end of a pier in that area.

  5. Looks like a wonderful place to visit! The quilt shop and the beach! :0)

  6. OMG I totally just got "Quilt yourself gorgeous" out of the local library yesterday!
    Fell in love with it the minute I saw it! Going to try loads of the patterns out, tempted to buy the book as well. But who needs to do that? I can save money for fabric and get the book out the library when ever I need it!

  7. You are going to have to sleep outside if you keep filling your trailer with all those goodies, lol. Lots of great items and beautiful scenery.


  8. You got all that in under an hour? I think they'd have to send a search party in after me for that store. So many nooks and crannies. You got some great stuff!

  9. You got all that in an HOUR????? And took pics too? Now that's some power shopping! I would've had to order out for meals. I think I'd like to live there....or maybe on that beautiful beach!

  10. Yowsa! What a shop! Great haul. Love the look of the primitive embroidery book - right up my alley. I'll see if I can find it anywhere. The Cloth Shop has the French General fabric in Vancouver, I bought 5m of the linen-look cotton to use as sashing or background, it's gorgeous. Thanks for the awesome posting from afar, I feel like I'm on vacation when I read your blog!
    Hey, my word verification is 'cutscut' perhaps a sign that I need to get off the computer and get into my sewing room!

  11. I would have a ball in a quilt shop like that. It looks wonderful!
    Thanks for all of the pics!

  12. I dunno, pretty dull really, I mean who'd want to visit a shop that only sold quilt stuff and books and sale fabric? And that beach looks really small and boring...Actually, I'm not sure I like following you any more because I'm JUST SO JEALOUS!

  13. Yes..Part 2 was seriously worth the wait, LOVED that place, it looks amazing....worth an airfare just to see that shop!!
    Well done Paulette..great shopping!
    Julia ♥

  14. It's just beautiful there...I'm glad your sharing your travels and wonderful finds!! Better than your typical travel show I say!

  15. Beautiful photos! And a great Q shop visit!

  16. I went weak in the knees just looking at the pictures! You got all that in only one hour? I probably wouldn't have made it through the front door by then. Fabulous finds! I just can't imagine where you're going to put everything by the time you get to Palm Springs! NOw, to convince my hubbie we need to head south for awhile!

  17. Love when old homes become quilt shops! You get a house tour and all that quilty goodness at the same time. Looks like you have a few projects to hold your attention for the rest of the winter. I think the salt air builds an appetite for fabric. Remember, you can always mail your treasures home if space becomes an issue, lol...enjoy.

  18. I would go crazy if I went into a shop like you have over there.