Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Win and A Wash and the Weather….

A couple of weeks ago I was ‘all a flutter’ as I won this wonderful Butterfly Love Wall Pockets Pattern from Stephanie at Loft Creations.


Remember this bag….


This plastic bag holds our puppies’ poop bags…handy but unsightly!  I said that once I received the pattern for the Butterfly Wall Pocket I was going to make it to replace this bag…WELL…I made the pocket but I was forced to make some minor changes.  To make the cute little butterfly I needed my Dresden ruler which I didn’t bring with me… SO I pulled out my Wool Crazy book and found something that I could appliqué in it’s place…. 


Isn’t it cute…adds a little lot of class to the old trailer, don’t you think?

   P1050780  The Wall Pocket was quick and VERY easy to make and the instructions were clear and easy to follow. I want to make the double Wall Pocket with the Butterflies when I get home.  The Dresden Butterfly looks easy to make and would look very cute appliquéd to other projects…I want to add some to a baby quilt that I am planning on making when I get home.  So cute!  P1050783

I am also loving my new Wool Crazy Book by Joann Mullaly.  There were so many appliqué patterns to choose from that I had a hard time selecting one.  It is going to be so much fun making her crazy quilt!


So flutter on over to Loft Creations, say Hi to Stephanie and order your own Butterfly Love Wall Pocket Pattern!  It’s a good thing!


Thanks again, Stephanie!!  I’m loving this new Wall Pocket!! Hmmm, let’s see we could use one in the kitchen and one in the bathroom and one in the…;o)

On the weather front~

It poured all morning…then..around 11am we saw BLUE sky…so my husband suggested we get out and take a drive to a place called Pioneer Town about 30 minutes away in the Yucca Valley. 

This is what we saw…SNOW!


Now remember this is only 30 minutes away..part of the desert!! P1050733  Pioneer Town was closed and the roads weren’t ploughed!


Weird to see cactus in the snow!! It just isn’t right!   And it wasn’t just a skiff of snow…. P1050739

…there was at least 8 inches or more! P1050740

Here we are in the middle of a river wash…yikes!! P1050718 

I took this picture out the passenger side window and no we are not on a bridge…we are driving across this wash!! P1050721  These pictures turned out quite well considering I was on the floor of the truck saying a little prayer….P1050723 Whew…made it! P1050725

Tomorrow the weather forecast is for SUNSHINE!!!  YIPPEEE!!

Have a Super Saturday and Happy Quilting!!


  1. Wall Pockets - Very, very cute!!

    Pictures - VERY, VERY, SCARY!!!

    Whew, glad you are safe, I would have been on the flooor with ya!!

  2. Very cute!!! Thanks for the "promo". :o) Wow Pioneertown got it. I have friends in Yucca Valley telling me they got snow. My family lives in 29 Palms.

  3. C-U-T-E adaptation of Stephanie's pattern. Love the wool...but you knew that.

    Just a little head's up, Paulette. Brenda from Pumpkin Patch Primitives and I have something cooking regarding the Wool Crazy Crazy Quilt. Stay tuned!

  4. Can hardly wait until I get my wool Crazy book. The wall pocket looks very handy. Hope that the rain in your area stops and the sun starts shinning soon. Your pictures brightened my day, thanks.

  5. Love the little wall pocket! So much cuter then a plastic bag!!!

    I was cracking up while reading your post. I also use the word skiff for a small amount of snow and tried to use it in scabble once. The only definition in webster's is a small boat! They wouldn't let me play my word. I wonder if that is a west coast word or what?

    Glad you are seeing a bit of sunshine. It looks beautiful!

  6. Your pocket turned out SO cute! Yes, it looks so much better than the plastic bag. *G* Holy cow, I can't believe you guys drove across that - they've been showing rescues here on our local tv [in MICHIGAN] of people who drove into them and couldn't get out! Pioneer Town has way more snow than we do.

  7. Your version of the wall pocket is just wonderful!! It looks great where you put it and is serving a terrific purpose. Can't believe all the snow that you got there in the desert! Wow, and I thought we had a lot!

  8. I love your wall pocket. My daughter wants me to make her some, not sure if she will actually use them, the floor is her idea of neat;)

    Nice though, that you can drive to snow in a short time, but that rain and washout, looks scary.


  9. You found a nice solution to the missing ruler problem, your flowers are really pretty.

  10. I defy a fly to stay stuck on you for longer than one second. You're a quilting force, it's just one amazing project after another! That snow was indeed weird - glad you made it home ok. Still strangely warm and not raining hellebores are blooming and tulips are 3" up!

  11. I'll take a wall pocket. :-) It's perfect!

  12. You get so much done, I am motivated by just reading your posts. A wonderful way to start the day!
    I love your use of purple (it is purple isn't it? It looks purple). It is such a versatile colour. I had a sewing day yesterday and managed to do something with a tea towel. Thanks for the motivation.

  13. It´s weird to see the snow knowing where you were!

  14. Now, call me picky, but didn't you go to California to escape snow and get sunshine? Maybe I got it wrong?

  15. Your little pocket is so cute with wool applique Paulette! And please don't drive through those washes any more - it can be dangerous - even if you are on the floor praying!! Glad you got through okay.

  16. I LOVE SNOW!!! thanks for the pictures!

  17. Oh yeah, big improvement replacing the plastic bag with the neat little bag you stitched. Wow, what crazy weather differences! I was a little scared going across that wash with you... guess I've watched too many bad stories on TV. You sure are the camera queen, taking us everywhere with you.

  18. How lucky are you - the prize looks fabulous - your new door pocket looks great and your holiday also looks awesome - even the riverwash!!!!