Monday, January 18, 2010

Road to California….Part 2….

One of the highlights of the Road to California was to meet Lisa Bongean from Primitive Gatherings and to finally see her booth! (She showed us pictures of it on her blog earlier this week…and they made me drool!!)

Lisa’s booth was better than the pictures…it  was absolutely gorgeous…tons of eye candy but WAY TOO MANY PEOPLE!!  (It brought back memories of $1.49 Days…Maybe you have to be old and Canadian to remember these sales.  Woodward’s Department Stores use to have a $1.49 Day ..Tuesday- once a month…I still remember the song…there use to be a million people at these sales as they sold really good things for $1.49…people would practically wrestle each other to the floor to get a hold of the bargain…)  So this is what was flashing through my mind while shopping in this booth.  As I picked up a book I was waiting to be attacked by the women beside me!  But then I remembered WE  ARE QUILTERS AND WOULD NEVER DO THINGS LIKE THAT…RIGHT?

Lisa was very nice…but REALLY busy!  Both her and her husband were swamped with line ups. 

P1050349 - Copy

So what did I buy?  I bought some lovely wool and this book-  P1050411

It’s called Wool Crazy and it was written by JoAnn Mullaly.  


Inside the book is the step by step instructions to make this gorgeous Crazy Quilt….Isn’t it stunning…

Sorry this picture is a little blurring…the lady beside me was trying to wrestle me to the ground…Just kidding…I took these pictures quickly as the ladies behind me wanted in…and you don’t mess with quilters.

P1050342 - Copy

Inside the book are the  patterns to make all these love little blocks…  P1050343 P1050344

This quilt is quite small so it’s VERY do-able…

P1050345 P1050346

I can’t wait to make this quilt…and the nice part is you can use the appliqué  pictures on other quilts or pillows or whatever…The book is only $25!  Well worth it!!

I also bought this pattern…remember I  have a weakness for snowmen…


P1050347 P1050348

I just love him and look at the little bird on his nose…so cute!!  Had to have him!

I really wanted to show you what I bought at the Heart to Hand booth but will have to save it for tomorrow.  We are hooked up to a wifi system that shuts down if I try to post too many pictures and these pictures are dynamite!! They just might shut down the whole park!!   (Got to keep you coming back for more!) 

Have a Magical Monday and Happy Quilting!


  1. DARLING snowman!!! Love your new blog banner.

  2. I'm so glad you went and took so many great pictures! Also I just noticed that you've got your new wool quilt finished and up on your header! It's darling! :)

  3. I am loving going to the quilt show with you. I think I might have to buy the wool crazy quilt book, because I have been wanting to try wool applique. Will be back to see more tomorrow, hugs.

  4. I Love the snowman too! I will be back tomorrow to see what else you found!

  5. That would have been a booth, I would have loved to check out. Does the book give good instructions on how to do the crazy quilting?

    You are going to be very busy with all the great patterns and materials you are getting.


  6. I see you have a new blog header, is that "the pants?" they look great. Nice picture, makes me wish I were there!

  7. So there was enough of the flannel from the pants to sash your quilt! YEA you! I like the pictures and I remember W.T. Grants in our town and Woolworth's with the bargains. Does that make me old? Never heard of "Woodwards".

  8. Hi Paulette! I don't have a blog but have found yours recently. I love wool applique, so watching your progress on the Lori Smith pattern has been fascinating! I already have the Wool Crazy book and am looking forward to your post from Heart to Hand. What fun!!! Thanks for taking us along on your adventures!!!

  9. Oh, Paulette...I'm so jealous. I want that book so badly. Brenda from Pumpkin Patch Quilt Shoppe is ordering it for me. Maybe we should have a quilt-along when you get back and invite others to join.

    Enjoy yourself and spend oodles of money!!!

  10. Just another wonderful day. Glad to be part of it minus the hustle and bustle. The stall looked wonderful thanks for showing us.

  11. I absolutely love the crazy quilt pictures..can you let me know how to get the book and pattern...Also love the snowman quilt..cant wait to see your verssion...I havent had much son is getting married in less than 2 weeks so I'm busy with the "mother of the groom" stuff...but i will be back to quilting soon I hope..I have learned so much from reading and following all the blogs..I am addicted to them...(((hugs)))

  12. You got some GREAT buys - love that snowman!

  13. Oh such wonderful pictures. It's the next best thing to acually being there. I would have trouble controlling the spending for sure. I'm looking forward to the Heart to Hand pictures.

  14. Paulette,
    I do love your snowman and I think your wool pieces are terrific but why oh why did you remind me of the 1.49 Woodwards song- Now I am going to bed with an earworm - ROFLOL- I will be dreaming of the 1.49 sales...LOL

    I look forward to seeing the rest of your purchases at the Road show...
    I did finish sorting beads- they now are all organized in to somewhat sensible color groups of speciality items..

    Off to bed - it is very late...
    Thanks for the funny memory...

  15. Hi Paulette,
    I love the quilt in your new header. Would you mind telling me where you got the pattern? It's so beautiful.


  16. I just noticed that you've got your new wool quilt finished and up on your header! It's darling!

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