Monday, January 11, 2010

The Challenge is on!


As you can see from the button on the side bar (and the one above) I have joined the nearly 200 quilters who are committing themselves to complete at least one project a month!  OPAM here I come!!  I figured that if I joined OPAM it would be the incentive that I need to get things finished- I mean REALLY finished…like with batting and binding…I tend to get the tops done (which is my favourite part) and then they sit ‘waiting’ to get quilted.  That can’t happen if I am part of the OPAM CHALLENGE!  So thanks Peg and Kris for doing this for us!  I know it’s a HUGE commitment on your part and we appreciate it! So fellow bloggers hurry over to Peg’s as there is probably room for you in this challenge too!

I am also going to challenge myself to become a better machine quilter! :o) And with the help of 365 Days of Free Motion Quilting I just might do it!!


LET’S TALK ROAD…THAT’S ROAD TO CALIFORNIA!!  This is what it’s like – two huge rooms like this, plus foyer entrances and hallways  full of vendors and quilt displays.  If you live within a 3 hour radius then GO!! Drive, bus, run, walk, hitch hike, crawl… It’s worth every mile!!


To say that I have been getting excited about the Road to California Quilt Show is a definite understatement!! It is located in Ontario, California (just outside of LA) and starts this Thursday. 

There are about 20 quilter in our RV Resort who meet at the Clubhouse every Wednesday (just like home!!).  So the plan is, on Friday, a van load of quilters will be hitting the high ROAD…that’s the Road to California!!  How fun is that!!
Last night I popped into Lisa Bongean’s Weblog and read her posting.  OMG I almost blew a gasket!  Hurry over and see the booth that she is going to set up at the Road To California!!  EVERYTHING I LOVE!!! (As you can tell I am a HUGE Primitive Gatherings FAN.)  So I can’t wait to see it all ‘in real life’!  I’m going to be spending some serious time in that booth!!  Only 4 more sleeps….

Have a marvellous Monday and Happy Quilting!


  1. Have fun at the show - can't wait to see pictures!

  2. I can't wait to hear about your trip to "Road" - every year I vow to go and it hasn't happened. Sigh! I'll live through you and savor every moment - take notes cuz I'll need to know about everything. :-)

  3. WOuld LOVE to meet you at "Road"! I am also looking forward to "Primitive Gatherings"!!!

    I leave TOMORROW!!!


    Hope you have a great time....


    Elaine in SLO, Ca

  4. Sure wish I could go, but you can buy me patterns and material from the prim booths, lol. Can't wait to see the pictures.


  5. In all the years I've lived 1 1/2 hours form Ontario I've NEVER been to Road to CA. But at least I have the NQA show in my back yard.

  6. I wish I was there with you! I'd love to see that quilt show. Have fun!!!!

  7. thanks for the OPAM 2010 info, going to check that one out, All the best on The Road to California, too too much fun!

  8. Oh, how exciting Paulette!...
    Wish i could go...take lots of pics..
    Julia ♥

  9. ooooo have fun at the quilt show. We are having a quilt show here in Connecticut in March. I love quilt shows. Love, love, love. Take care, Linda

  10. Congrats on joining OPAM - and have fun at the Road to Cali! Looks like a GREAT time!

  11. Humph! Snarl! Grumble!

    I'm going to stop reading your blog. You make me so envious.

    Have a great time at the show and don't forget to tell us poor souls who can't get there all about it afterwards