Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Good Old Days….

While traveling down the California coastline we stopped at two Missions.  This one was in Lompac and has been there for over 200 years…

Can you imagine making a quilt back then?  First you had to shear a sheep, wash and card the wool….  It’s really stinky too!P1050112 Spin the wool into yarn.. P1050114

And then weave it into cloth… P1050115

Maybe gather some berries to dye the wool….Sounds like a lot of fun doesn’t it?

They called these the Good Old Days… who were they kidding…? 

I think we have got it pretty sweet TODAY!  These are the good old days right now!  We want fabric- we go to a quilt shop!  Think of the variety, the colours, the prints!  Next time you’re in a quilt shop think of your ancestors and what they had to go through to make a quilt!  Makes you really appreciate the quilt shops of today..doesn’t it? 

Now I think I’ll rustle up a bit of dinner…


But that’s another posting...

Have a super Saturday and Happy Quilting.


  1. What a neat place to visit. I guess with no tv or other distractions, spinning, weaving and quilting were activities while chatting with each other.


  2. I wouldn't give up my washing machine, sewing machine or electric stove ... but I love the old fashioned ways of making things!

  3. Living in S. California with elementary school age kids you find your way to many missions for school related projects/field trips. Very fascinating but it got old too!

  4. what a cool place to visit, Yes we really do have it good now, Electricity is pretty good to help run our machines.

  5. I agree 100% - not only did they not have quilt shops, they didn't have NOVACAINE. Or epidurals. I'll take today, thank you! But I'm glad for the places like this that show us what we missed.

  6. Seeing that sort of place really makes me grateful for what we have now. Instant light, heat, etc. And instant (well the moment you get to a quilt shop) fabrics.