Friday, January 8, 2010

Open for business….FINALLY!!

Yesterday was laundry day for me (see it’s not always paradise around here- although I was in the pool while the clothes were in the washer and dryers ;o)) Ahhhh, the good life…

OK, OK back to my post …so I could show you pictures of my dirty sweats or of me floating around in the pool like a very white beluga whale OR I could show you something that you might REALLY enjoy?

Do you remember this sign…?P1040976

This was the Pismo Beach Quilt Shop located within walking distance from our RV Park (Quiltin’ Cousins)…remember it was closed on Sunday AND ON MONDAY!!  Well guess who went back on Tuesday!  ME!


Whoopee…IT’S OPEN!!

Isn’t it cute? 


The owner was busy cutting up fat quarters in preparation for the Road to California as she is one of their vendors. She didn’t want me to take any pictures of the quilts that were hanging-  which was a realistic request… but darn…I do like you to get the full meal deal!


There were lots of books and patterns… P1050143

And the shop went WAY back…it’s a lot bigger than it looks from the outside.  


She had tons of fabric…


BUT this is what I got excited over…wool!  And lots of Sue Spargo patterns and books.

Look at all the Weeks Wool…all the wonderful colours and all hand dyed! Loved it! I just bought a little bit….  She is going to be at  the Road to California and will be bringing lots of wool so I need to check my patterns and plan out what to buy…it’s $17.99 for one fat quarter so it’s not something that you can buy a lot of without breaking the fabric budget…P1050140 


This is what I bought…two purples, as it’s hard to come across nice purples and these were lovely.  A burnt orange, a lighter orange (for pumpkins) and this lovely blue hounds tooth check.  Loved them all..


I also bought this book as it has tons of embroidery ideas for crazy quilts and for quilt blocks.  It also has some nice wool quilt ideas…I will really use this book.  Here are two quilts from the book…look at all the embroidery ideas on the first and on the second I was thinking wool…There are ten such quilts in this book and they are all lovely.P1050155 P1050156

I enjoyed this Quilt Shop and I think you will too!  If you are in Pismo Beach it’s easy to find…Look for the Pier in the heart of the town and follow the street that the pier is on…go up maybe three or four blocks and you’re there.  Tell her I sent you…(just remind her of the lady who was busy fondling the wool in the backroom…I’m sure she’ll remember me….;o)

Did you notice the two new buttons on my side bar?  One is a map of where we’ve been and eventually where we are heading…this will help our kids keep track of us.. :o)

The other button is The Friday Night Sew In Button.  The idea is if you join the group you commit yourself to work on a project on Friday night, take pictures and post about what you accomplished on Saturday….AND you might just win a prize in the process….Sounds like a win- win proposition  to me!  BUT there goes my Friday night partying!!  Oh well, life is all about sacrifices…;o)  If you want to join in on all the fun just click on the Friday Sew In button….  Ah come on…you know you wanna-ah…!

Have a friendly Friday and Happy Quilting!


  1. I just signed up for a "one project a month" challenge, so the friday sew in button may be a good way to complete that one project a month! Glad to see you're having a good time.

  2. I love the quilted Open and Closed sign. How cute. Need one for the kitchen... Fun stuff following you around California. You are doing your own 'Road to CA' Thanks for not sharing the laundry and swimming pictures, fabrics are much more fun...

  3. Lots more, new goodies, lucky you.
    I buy my wool from the thrift, but would be nice to get more new wool. I love working with it.


  4. Wow!!! I am really enjoying your visits to quilt shops on your journey. Thank you for all the great photos and descriptions!

  5. What a lovely shop - I'd love to go there!

  6. Yay, you finally made it into the shop. And it was worth the wait!! I have that book by Peggy Waltham. I love it!! Your trip is wonderful. The hubs still playing on the iPod?

  7. I loved the quilted signs on that shop.

    What are you going to be sewing at the Sew-In?

  8. Wool is very expensive here too.