Friday, January 29, 2010

Time for…Sew and Tell…

As you know I have joined the Wool Crazy Sew Along gang…so this is what I have been up to…


Yes, I sacrificed a package of Starbucks coffee to tone down my yellow wool…. So with the smell of wet wool and coffee permeating the 5th wheel…I did a lot of this….


And with my trusty bible beside me (Wool Crazy by JoAnn Mullaly) I did A LOT of this…arranging and rearranging…harder than you think!!


YIKES!…What a mess….


BUT…it was worth it…so step one is done!!   As I look at this picture there are a lot of pieces I would like to change…BUT the camera has made the yellow jump out …there are some pieces I would like to move…but they are basted down so they are going to STAY….I SAID…STAY….


No, I am NOT talking to you…good dogs!!  (The secret to GOOD dogs is lots of walks and three trips to the Dog Park every day…see it works…)Now if only my wool would STAY!


So now I need to cut off the edges to my 24 inch block (it is now 26 inches), baste down the edges and give it a good pressing.  And then, according to JoAnn, the REAL fun starts…the appliqué!!  She has SO many beautiful appliqué patterns to choose from that I think the difficult part is going to be to actually PICK one!!P1050934

AND on the stitching front~

I have ALMOST completed six block of the Little Patchwork Village…three more to go!

P1050929I have really enjoyed stitching these little guys.  I keep them in one of those little blue Rubbermaid bins and take them with me where ever I go…to the Laundromat, the pool, for a drive, to bed…and before you know it…they magically get done!           

Have a Fun Friday and Happy Quilting!!


  1. I joined as well but have only gotten as far as fondling the book that arrived yesterday. I won't be able to start until mid-February so will follow your progres. Thanks.

  2. Your little houses are gorgeous! I love stitching in the one colour, they seem to get stitched so much faster than when you have to change colours all the time. I am looking forward to seeing your finished project!
    :) carole

  3. Golly, yesterday I was all enthusiastic about joining your wool quilting group, today, I just think that you are so talented and you would just leave me in the dust. You have a lot of patience and everything looks so georgeous. I will definitely keep following this project that you are doing.

  4. I am anxiously awaiting for my book to arrive from Brenda, hopefully today. I can see how hard it is (and will be for me) to choose the wool for the backgrounds. You are doing a good job. Will be following everyone's posts for helpful hints.


  5. I should start a box of wool scraps for me. I have done some with fabric, but it would be so much easier to use wool and not have to worry about raw edges.

    I don't think you ever sleep;)


  6. Have you tried Distress It or Instant Antique (available from Primitive Gatherings)? You spray them on to fabric to make it look old. You don't wash the fabric afterward so it might work well on your wool base. I just got the Wool Crazy book and a bundle of wool and tips from Primitive Gatherings. They're doing it as an in-shop club but I don't live close enough to do in person.

  7. Looking good - and FUN! Love those stitchery blocks - that's what I like about stitchery projects, they're portable! THREE walks a day? Maybe that's what I need to combat my quilt spread....around my hips.

  8. Stay!!! I said STAY! Oh, I'm sorry, I got carried away. LOL

    I love it the way it is - just relax and enjoy.

    Your village is coming along nicely - it's darling.

  9. You seem to squeeze every minute out of every day and enjoy it to it's fullest. Not only do you keep creating and sewing you make the time to show it all to us. You make me get up 1/2 an hour earlier just so I can sew a few more stitches.
    I agree with Debbie, I don't think you ever sleep!
    Thanks again for sharing.

  10. Well I see the questions already been asked: do you ever sleep? Stitching, wool-ing (I made that word up, it's good isn't it?), quilting, walking, blogging ..... I get tired just reading about what you're up to!

  11. I am so enjoying your Wool Crazy journey Paulette. I am just starting my wool obsession and got some prepped yesterday. I can't imagine how you put those lovelies together in your fifth wheel. And your little stitching projects are wonderful too.

  12. The little houses you are stitching are so cute.