Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Road to California…Part 3….

Yes, part 3!!  I am really milking this Quilt Show but it was SOOO worth it!!   So now we are heading off to the other Conference Hall…another huge room full of more vendors and display quilts.

I have got to show you what I found in the Heart to Hand booth…I saw this quilt and my jaw dropped!!  It is stunning!!  It’s called Merry Christmas Quilt #287.  It is huge and all hand appliquéd wool on black cotton background fabric.  Each square is a different black tone on tone fabric. LOVED IT!!  The pattern comes in a set of 4 patterns – three blocks per package (total was $30).  Or you can buy them separately  for $9 each.  So by buying the whole set I was saving a lot of money!!  :o)P1050365  P1050366 P1050367  P1050368  P1050369 This is what the pattern looks like….

P1050426 P1050427 P1050428 P1050429

Remember the money I saved by buying the set of patterns… well I put it towards this~ a runner pattern called Pear Blossom #271- Gorgeous!!  ;o)




Another favourite booth was Liberty Homestead.  They sold books and gorgeous cottons that they had dyed themselves…their quilts looked like lovely antique heirloom quilts that have been well loved and treasured for years and years. 

I saw these quilts and had to buy the book…


My pictures do NOT do these quilts justice!! P1050356 P1050357 P1050358 P1050409 P1050410

I know what you’re thinking…is this show EVER going to end?  Apparently not, as I still have to show you the QUILT show and my favourite show quilt!  So hang in there…and I hope I’m not boring you too much!!  See you tomorrow…

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Quilting!!


  1. I'm enjoying visiting "Road" with you. Stunning quilt - I can see why your jaw dropped.

  2. Not boring. In fact, I'm feeling rather smug about all the money I'm saving looking at photos instead of buying all the stuff that's in the photos!!

  3. Wow!! Your pictures are beautiful. Thanks for sharing them with us. Those quilts are stunning. If I was on a budget....I would definitely have to avoid a show like that.

  4. The Christmas quilt is truly a work of art. It has just a perfect blending of colors and those wools look absolutely beautiful.
    I could never be bored seeing all your pictures. They are inspiring!

  5. You are truly making me crazy, Paulette. You know me and wool. I think if I was at that show I'd have to put a mortgage on our house as a result of my purchases.

    Keep the pictures coming. I enjoy drooling over my computer keyboard.


  6. I'm really, really enjoying looking at your R2Cali pics....I was there 2 years ago and had the best time! Thank you, thank you!

  7. I'm enjoying the show through your eyes. Looks like you are going to be busy this year. Can't wait to see your favorite quilt from the show.

  8. Boring? NEVER! I love everything you have bought. It's great seeing the show with someone else's eyes and see that I would of bought all the same things. WOW! How did you choose? Thanks for sharing.

    Marie in Oregon

  9. I could never be bored seeing all your pictures. They are inspiring!

    Work from home India

  10. You are going to be one busy lady this year.
    Lots of wonderful patterns and I can't wait to see the quilt show.


  11. What fun! I hope you left room under your bed for all those fantastic purchases! :-)

  12. Keep those pictures coming...loving every minute of them. That quilt is stunning. I went to the website and had to quickly close the site for fear I'd sign up for it. There's still tomorrow tho.. Oh yikes!

  13. Oh I love what you got - that merry Christmas quilt is really stunning! And I adore the Liberty Homestead booth!

  14. No, you are definitely not boring me, I am loving the visit to this show with you. Thanks for the time you are taking to share it all with us.

  15. I am glad you could save that money and buy more :) I fully understand why you HAD to buy the pattern of the quilt.