Friday, January 22, 2010

It’s Raining Cats and Dogs…and Quilters…!

It may have been pouring outside but we were nice and dry in the Clubhouse during our Quilting time…

Let me Show and Tell what everyone was doing…

Seattle Judy is working on a Wall hanging for her daughter-in-law’s school.  Next to go on is the border, then all the appliqué.  This is the last quilt in a series of four that Judy has made.  They are seasonal wall hangings… Last January, Judy was working on the Christmas quilt which was just beautiful! Can you guess what season this one is going to be?P1050660

Dorothy is working on this quilt for her granddaughter.  P1050662 - Copy

She spent most of the day making these little stacks…

P1050663 - Copy

Roxanne is working on a spiral table runner.

 P1050664 - Copy

She is almost finished…

P1050669 - Copy

B.C. Judy just finished this quilt top made from Bali prints..very fast and very pretty!    P1050671 - Copy

Last  year a lot of the ladies made these machine mats…

P1050672 - CopySome of the ladies used a fine wire mesh for the pockets so that you can see what’s in each pockets…very clever! P1050673

This is the more traditional mat with the pockets (top picture)  The bottom picture shows another one made with the fine wire mesh.  Very nice!!



Penny is working on my favourite quilt~  “Winter Wonderland”.  I love this quilt!!

P1050650 - Copy (2) P1050651 - Copy - Copy P1050652 - Copy P1050654 - Copy

Penny spent the day working on the borders…

P1050661 - Copy

This is her finished quilt top from the week before!  Isn’t it gorgeous!

P1050655 - Copy

Love the border!

P1050657 - Copy

Gwen is working on this wallet which is going to be a gift for a friend. P1050658 - Copy So what was I doing?  Remember this kit…called Sticks and Stones…the one that I bought at the Road to California.  Inside the bag was lovely Rouenneries  by French General…

P1050668 - Copy

I love the fabric!!

P1050666 - Copy

P1050667 - Copy

I spent the day working on sewing my strips together to make the nine patches and rails…I’m going to love this quilt!!

There is nothing like quilting all day with a group of lovely ladies while the rain is pelting down.  Being a West Coast gal, I’m use to a lot of rain but the rain is different here…

I KNOW what you’re thinking…Rain is rain…but it’s NOT.

Back home when anyone complains about our rain I always say, “Well at least you can drive in it!”  Not so here…the roads become rivers!  I mean brown water, river rushing down the road, rivers…Try navigating a truck down a river…scary!  I have always wondered about all the dry river washes…now I know!!  So now that we have experienced the California RAIN…(which has really been something) let’s get back to that wonderful California SUN!

Have a Fantastic Friday and Happy Quilting!


  1. Very cute projects! I want to make one of those sewing machine mats, that would be so helpful! :)

  2. All of this fun makes me want to grab a mobile home of some kind and head your way! Everyone is making something beautiful and I love your header photo with the wool quilt hanging in the palm trees - looks so good to me! Enjoy!

  3. More delightfully wonderful projects. I'm surprised you ladies don't sew together more than once a week. :-) Next week I'm going to join you. ok? teehee

    We're experiencing the same rain you are and everything is flooded. Flooded dry washes are very dangerous. Actually our flooded streets are very dangerous.

  4. Looks like you guys have a great time quilting. I hope you don't get washed away by the rain.

  5. It is great you have that building to work in, on rainy days. Usually when we are camping, we hit the stores on rainy days, but with that mess, I would stay put.


  6. Those water reservoirs are usually dry--scary when it rains like that. And in the desert the ground can't absorb the water that fast causing flash floods. Stay safe. Lovely projects. I, too, love the Winter Wonderland.

  7. I love your posts, they are so full of people, stories and photos. Look forward to seeing your fabrics become a quilt. Please send some of your rain to us down under in Melbourne. All donations of water gratefully accepted.

  8. Sticks and Stones is going to be so beautiful! My friend Barbara is here for a little 'holiday' from snowbirding in the valley where you are, too, and she told us all about the rain (and RTC show!) at stitch today. I gave her your email and she might get in touch and try to sneak into your quilting day sometime....

  9. Wow!! So many wonderful quilts there! I love the idea of the mesh pockets too.
    I love the Winter Wonderland quilt too.
    The Rouenneries fabric is gorgeous!
    Drive carefully in all that rain.

  10. The rain is making the news here in Michigan! They showed a dog rescue tonight from, I think, LA.

    Beautiful projects - that spiral table runner is amazing, please get a pic of that finish! Wow you ladies have too much fun. Can't wait to see your project done!

  11. The group sure has a great variety of projects and all of them are beautiful! Thanks Paulette.

  12. I loved all the projects. You will have to tell me where you got the pattern for the sewing machine mat and organizer. It is wonderful!

  13. What inspirational eye candy, Paulette. Thanks for sharing.

    I think I'm just going to have to break down and order that Wintger Wonderland packet. I just love it!

  14. What a bunch of talented ladies you are quilting with! What inspiration!! Thanks for sharing their projects on your blog.

  15. How fun it must be to work in a group like yours. So much inspiration from others, and company. - The weather sounds so extreme!

  16. Oh my gosh, I simply LOVE LOVE LOVE that winter wonderland quilt top. Is there a pattern that can be purchased for that somewhere?!
    Your blog is such a happy place to visit!

  17. I always put a towel under my machine, the way mom did. The other day I was thinking that I should make a mat. Then I saw this post. Coincidence?... or the hand of my quilting fairy godmother? ;-) Thank your quilting friends for the great idea of the mesh for the pockets... and thank you, Paulette, for sharing it with us.

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