Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Room Full of Quilters….

Yesterday I was one of the first quilters to get to the Clubhouse for quilting.  Imagine packing up your sewing room to take with you!!  Not easy or fun…especially when everything is UNDER the bed. I spent a good hour the day before pulling out all my bins, totes and bags sorting and going through everything.

So there I was at 9:45 am with my machine, bin of fabrics and my “just in case” bag of gadgets!  I didn’t want to look too eager so I waited and got there only 15 minutes early! 

It was so good to see everyone again!  They are such talented, creative ladies!  Lots of Canadians escaping the cold winters but there were also many Americans from the ‘frostier’ states. 


Penny worked on an elaborate border for her red and white quilt top- just beautiful! P1050299

Doris was working on two beautiful appliqué pictorial quilts.  Just lovely!


This is number two…That didn’t come out the way I wanted to say it…hmmm.  It is a floral pictorial quilt and is going to be stunning when she is finished…stay tuned!


This lady was paper piecing her blocks and they were gorgeous….I’ll show you more next Wednesday.


This lady  was paper piecing almost the same block except it was off centered and wonky.  I’m not sure which ones I liked better…both were lovely…I have to see more..


Lots of chit chat…but the good kind…quilters’ chit chat!


This lady was just starting a runner…  P1050308 P1050310 

This is Gwen- she was finishing off this runner made in South western prints.  Very nice. Did I mention that Gwen is our driver to the Road to California tomorrow. ;o)


Regardless of where all these lovely ladies are from, one thing was crystal clear- we all love quilting!  We can talk patterns, books,techniques, shops, fabric, tools, silly mistakes, gizmos and gadgets, stitches, machines, magazines, Quilt shows… all day long….

My goal for the day was to finish my little wool quilt ~Fit to Frame.. but you know what it’s like when you get a room full of quilters together…OK! OK! I was goofing off in class…. Shheeeesh…Challenge?  What Challenge…Oh yeah, well don’t worry, I still have two weeks to bang off a project or two….(sound familiar?)

Oh well…maybe next Wednesday… :o) 

Have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Quilting!!  (sure hope I can sleep tonight!  I’ve got the camera battery charging!)  Before you go see what Elaine’s been up to…lucky girl!


  1. I see a lot of pretty quilty things happening and plenty of smiling going on as well. What a nice group of winter time friends!

  2. What a fun room full of quilters. Ironically, I live in a retirement resort where we have winter visitors but only a handful of quilters. It's very strange. Enjoy your "Road" trip.

  3. Those quilters...they're everywhere! How fun to have a quilting community away from home!

  4. The thing about a roomful of quilters like you've shown is, by the time you've been around everyone and looked at their fabric and patterns its time to pack that the teacher in me??? Enjoy the Road to California!!
    (Lucky ducky mumble mumble mumble...)

  5. A wonderful group of ladies and a lot of talent. That is nice to have a big space that you can get together and quilt in.


  6. this post is just lovely! All that travel and adventures to get there, to arrive to this! BLISS! looking forward to seeing more, (now i am getting greedy). Have fun, chatting, sewing and finishing.

  7. I feel like packing my bags and joining you - that looks SO fun, and the projects are wonderful!

  8. It looks like you have fun in California on a Wednesday just like you do in Canada! How wonderful to have a group of quilters there too.

    Enjoy your trip to the show.

  9. What a room full of talent . I dream about attending those kind of days.

  10. Looks like fun. Can't wait to see what you find at the Road to California. You always find such great things to tempt and inspire us.