Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Another Day At the Fair…

This is like visiting the Cowichan Exhibition all over again!!  Let’s start with another gorgeous rooster quilt!   Copy of P1090939

I love this scrappy quilt…if you look closely you will see the pattern of the blocks…a four patch and a half square triangle and wonderful colour value!!  Quilters are SEW clever!!

 Copy of P1090942

Here’s another example of using colour for effect!!  Stunning!

 Copy of P1090943

In this quilt the quilter put her blocks inside a double picture frame..loved it!

 Copy of P1090945

A simple baby quilt where the hand quilting did the talking…WOW!!

 Copy of P1090950

Ahhh, the quilts you will find in little corners!!


Always a sucker for YO YOs…a sweet little runner made of YOYOs- a good stash buster that picked up a third place ribbon!


A log cabin Christmas quilt made with little 1 inch strips (Lady GO! is calling me!!) made out of tiny little patterned red and beige fabric!!  LOVE IT!!


There was tons of needle work but I wanted to share this long banner…


Loved the colours and quilting in this quilt!!  Perfection!!


What a nice way to show case a fussy cut…inside a churn dash!!


More cross-stitch…just lovely..that Santa will become a family favourite for sure!!P1090969

This stitchery was framed and under glass and wasn’t all that big…looked just like a framed cozy quilt…can’t you see that hanging in your sewing room…?


Look at the tiny squares close up…adorable and look at the use of colour!!   P1090971

Yikes!!  Look at all those points!!  And they were ALL perfect…I checked!!


This was a fun and gorgeous strip quilt!


I was surprised that there weren’t more crazy quilts in the show…but there was this beauty…


Appliqué nestled amongst the blocks..just lovely!


I have always wanted to make a tone on tone quilt…loved this one!!  The covered button in the middle made the blocks look like square flowers…so pretty!!


Split rail…I love how the quilter put it on point and then carried the border fabric evenly throughout the rest of the quilt!!  VERY effective use of colour and fabric!! P1090979

This quilt was voted BEST IN SHOW…it was huge and stunning and the stitching was OUT OF THIS WORLD!!  Well deserved!!


Love a quilt with sunflowers especially at this time of year!


The smallest quilt at the fair…and every corner matched…her mother made the little 6inch rug under the bed years ago.  SEW sweet!!P1090982  Small quilts…first place was Vickie’s lovely little blue log cabin and does that Midget Churn Dash look familiar??  Yup that’s mine!!!Yaaahooo!P1090986    Isn’t this one sweet…put on a table at Fall…love it!!P1090992

This quilt was stunning and made by a senior…all scrappy and beautifully hand quilted…made by a master…and the Judges agreed!


More Christmas Villages only bigger…..P1100002

And there were two lone wool entries (both mine)…there was NO wool work section so they both went into different categories..small Christmas table runner and holiday embroidery (I think).  Yup, I have got to get more quilters working with wool!!  The little snowman candle mat picked up a second!


We are almost there~  Have to show you these Christening dresses…wish you could see the stitching up close and personal…lovely!!


And this bonnet reminded me of my girls…remember these hats…they look so sweet on a baby!


This rug stopped me in my tracks…gorgeous!!


Finally…guess who also went to the Fair?  My little succulent Turtle…P1100008

He came in SECOND!!


Thought you’d like to see who picked up the first!  A Japanese garden…very pretty!!

So all in all…we had fun at the FAIR!  Thank you Delores!!  You were right…it is a lot more fun when you are involved and a win doesn’t hurt either!! haha ..I am already planning quilts for next year!!  Delores look what you have created!! 

I also want to thank Anne…I screwed up all my entries (put several in the same category…sheesh…!!) and Anne was kind enough to go through all my quilts and sort them into the various categories.  This was during set up time when it was very chaotic…So thank you Anne for taking the time to help a rookie!!

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Quilting!!~P


  1. YES, Paulette, the fair is more fun when you enter. My girls still enter various catergories and have their children entering - I think mostly so they can have something to look at when they arrive. The excitement of "How Did I Do"!

    Also, in order to keep Country Fairs going, we have to encourage people to enter. Looking forward to next year!

  2. So much talent represented at that Fair - wow, wow, wow

    (see I told you I'd be back - teehee)

  3. All I can say is oh my goodness....what amazing work!

  4. Wow, so much talent in one space! Thanks again for sharing the Fair with us.

  5. Wonderful quilts, I love a quilt fair. Thanks for sharing. Have a great week.

  6. What a lovely fair this was, thank you for the tour.

  7. You have some very talented people living in your area! I think my favorite was the framed needlework.

  8. You have quite the fair and displays, ours is rinky dink.
    The ladies in your area sure do beautiful quilting and amazine handcrafts. I have wanted to do a hooked/braided combination, maybe someday.


  9. Wow...that was a great fair! Thanks for sharing.

  10. I kid you not! I was scrolling through looking at all the photos and taking it in and stopped at the mini churn dash...before reading you made it! Love it!!!!

  11. What a show. I missed yesterday's post so got to see them both at once. Congratulations on your ribbons and for sharing your lovely work with everyone. You get a "NO 1" ribbon from me.

  12. Looks like you had a wonderful experience at the fair thanks for sharing.

  13. We don't get fairs like that here in the UK well not that i seen there is quilt shows but that something else
    All the items are beautiful but especially the quilts
    Hugs Janice

  14. Thank you so much for the pics. Everything was fabulous and I've already got a few quilts planned after seeing these.
    Well done on your ribbons

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  15. What an amazing and wonderful variety of gorgeous quilts. Love your little churn dash.
    Congrats on the ribbons!!!!

  16. What a gorgeous show!!! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  17. Amazing. Thanks for the walk around the fair. So many beautiful quilts.