Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sew On…and Sew On….

Yesterday I had such a busy day…sewing!!  Actually the truth of the matters is..I was SO into an audio book that I ‘couldn’t put it down!’  It’s called ‘Homefront’ by Chuck Logan- very good! 

So I finished the Rooibos quilts- minus the binding, which I need to buy today.  Put sleeves on the ‘Fit to Frame number Thirteen’ and on ‘Madeline’, so they are now hanging around the house. 

By this time, the story was really getting good so I grabbed my traveling tote and worked on these~ P1080038

I love these little beauties…they are from the ‘Baskets of Life’ by JoAnn Mullaly or JAM. 


When I showed these little stitcheries before, some of you were wondering why I had left little holes here and there…now you can see…they are for the little woolie stars!!


I left the stars off as I only had one or two pieces of yellow/gold wool in my wool stash…since I started dyeing my own wool I sure don’t have that problem anymore!!  ;o)


It is so nice to be able to pull the tote out and find the perfect piece of wool!

So it’s the first Tuesday of the new month which means…IT’S CLUB DAY!!  I am off to the Cloth Castle all by myself ;o(…Dawn is on her sailboat, I shiver to think where…, Alice is just coming back from New York City…she went with 19 women!!  Wouldn’t that be fun?  And Claire’s son is being dismissed early today…SO I’m all alone…wanna go with me?  OK then, I’ve got the camera…I’ll meet you at the Starbucks right beside Cloth Castle.  See you there…

Have a wacky Wednesday and Happy Quilting!


  1. Your basket blocks are so pretty! Love your wool stash too! :0)

  2. Those are so cute! And I love all the wool!! You've really got the dying down! :-) Have fun today!

  3. Wish I was closer to join in on your fun! HAave a great time! The Sitcheries are so cute!

  4. Adorable blocks!

    Wait for me - I want to go with you! LOL Have fun!!!

  5. I LOVE your blog. I just came across it from another blog posting about your giveaway so obviously I am too late for the giveaway :( Your hand dyed wools are fabulous and I love all your projects! I am going to become a follower. Hope you have a wonderful summer.

  6. I'll meet up with you and the gang - just need to grab my purse and I am out the door. Love your work!!!

  7. What a busy girl you've been! I love those blocks - very cute!!!

  8. Darn - I'd have come! Only getting to my blog reading now - as Danielle and the kids came to visit for most of the day. Next time you are 'lonely' or alone, give me a call the day before!

  9. Those blocks are too darling! Don't you just love stitching to a book?

  10. The stars make those blocks alive! Your wool stash is impressive.

  11. OK, I'll be there in a minute. Mine's a mocha latte please!

  12. Oh Paulette, I'll see if there's a flight over in time to meet you...I wish...If only!
    have a great time!
    Julia ♥