Monday, June 28, 2010

Dddddaisy, DDDDaisy

image Jenny from Jenny of Elefant has a new FREE BOM coming out JULY 1…and it is looking VERY cute!!  Check out Jenny’s blog for little snippets of  Daisy-Do and then mark July 1 off on your calendar!  Can’t wait!!


Yesterday every member of my Hand Quilting group met at Merridale Winery.  We joined the friends and family of Linda (a fellow quilter) and Thomas to help them celebrate 40 years of marriage!   P1080480

Here’s the bride and groom!  They had a wedding picture on hand…oh boy…were they young..but certainly not foolish as to see this couple together is a joy!!   Congratulations on keeping the fire going!!P1080486

And here are some of the quilters…this whole downstairs area held their friends and family.


We had a wonderful meal- your choice of mushroom chicken or salmon, fresh veggies and baked new potatoes…delish!!  Oh and of course Merridale’s own apple cider and wine. 


Oh, I have to show you what the chef…


..made for dessert…


..our own little apple pie…make that our own BIG apple pie…this is on a DINNER plate!!

BUT I had NO trouble downing this…delish…perfection!!


All of the pies were baked in this brick oven…no wonder I can’t get my pastry that light and flakey…I NEED one of these ovens!!  ;o)


This is the view from our table.  Isn’t it lovely…minus those ugly rain clouds!!   Weddings take place down where the white tents are and over to the right is their spa…which you would HAVE to go to if you ate too many of those wonderful pies!!


This vineyard is about a five minute drive from my house.  The Cowichan Valley hosts many, many such vineyards and restaurants.  Our climate is perfect for growing grapes, berries and apples.

Let me end with this picture of Signey, Laura and Bev…three extraordinary quilters and friends.  Isn’t Laura a character (in the hat!!)…the apple doesn’t fall far…that’s her mother, Marveline ‘hiding’ behind the post!!P1080493

Marveline is one of the ‘original’ founding members of our group…35+ odd years ago!!  All of the ladies in our group are unique and different but all are wonderful…tied together with their love of quilting!


Oh I HAVE to include this picture~last but certainly not least is this picture of Janice…she just became a Grammy…she is just back from Halifax after seeing her little grand-daughter.  Did she bring us a picture to share…NO she brought us an album!!


YES, Janice she is cute…VERY, VERY cute!! 

Have a merry Monday and Happy Quilting!!


  1. Merridale is such a Cowichan Valley treasure. Seems like there is fun where ever you go so make sure you don't let any grass grow under your feet!

  2. I LOVE your group of friends!~How fortunate you are!!! Oh, how I can see the wonderful love of life through these photos, so can only imagine the laughs and giggles and funny conversations... and all that you do with your creative juices flowing... how magical! Your meal sounds devine and would love a brick oven. This is my dream kitchen to have a fireplace w/a brick oven... Don't ever stop dreaming! :) some day.... :)
    Thank you for sharing this with us. Janice, my grand baby is visiting soon and I will have an album also! :)

  3. What a wonderful day! And how blessed you are to have such a special group of quilting friends!

  4. I get tired just reading about all the things you do, lol.
    I love the 1st of the month, all the new patterns and online magazines come out;)


  5. Looks like you had a great time with some great friends in a great place. Just sorry about those great big rain clouds. Hope they held off?

  6. Oh, there they are
    A lovely bunch of (Canadians)
    There they are all standing in a row
    Small one, tall ones and that is all the words I can remember for a Lovely bunch of Coconuts

    I wished I was there - what a hoot!