Thursday, June 24, 2010

UFO Sightings…

Do you have any UFOs hanging around your house?  There have been several sightings in my sewing room lately…got to get them done!!

Have a look for yourself!

The Churn Dash Midget…I must finish quilting it and then put on the binding…P1080376  The Charming Chatter Sew Along…waiting for the next step…


Button Town…fabric ordered and on route…just  waiting to finish this baby off…


And…this quilt…called Chelsea Charm from Patchwork and Quilting Vol.17 Number 3.


Background done… I need to appliqué the petals..and finish it off!


YIKES!  What’s this in my traveling sewing case??  NOT ANOTHER UFO??  Oh…yah…another Rouenneries project half done…it’s called Sticks and Stones…Love this quilt!


Will I EVER get sick of Rouenneries by French General?  Not happening in the near future…especially now that I know how to spell it! ;o) 


What about you…got any UFOs hanging around your sewing room? 

More or less than five projects?   Common share… I dare you!

Have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Quilting!!


  1. You have some really good UFOs! :0)

  2. Lovely UFO's Paulette! Your post reminded me of my meager stash of Rouenerries so I dug it out. It should be enough for a table topper. I'm anxious to see your Rouenneries finish.

  3. Oh, I like your UFO's - yummy!

    I've been beyond distracted lately - too many UFO's lurking in my room. teehee! I'll take your dare and show them later today.

  4. Oh I love all of these - can you believe I only have 3 UFO's? But with both machines broken down, they're going to stay that way for awhile.

  5. Lovely projects even in their UHO state. I have the Charming Friends blocks arranged but not sewn, five Unicef dolls waiting for parts of their clothing, and my nightmare 6 m wall hanging less than 20 % done!

  6. I made the Chelsea quilt in flannels and it is one of our favorite cuddle quilts on a cold winters day. And yes I have a few UFOS but I spent most of the winter getting them finished, feels so good!

  7. I'd be seriously concerned about anyone that doesn't have multiple UFOs. :o) Mine are folded and stored quite neatly. MUST get curtain done for daughter's apartment before dragging out UFOs. Love your projects.

  8. Looks like you are whittling away at them....

  9. Goodness, gracious you've been busy! :)
    COme on over to my blog and enter to win a signed copy of CITY QUILTS!~would love to see what you'd make!!!! GOOD LUCK! XO

  10. Always a healthy smattering of WIP's here...shows my mind is active & creative and that my life is very full! LOL! Sounds good...more like my eyes are bigger than than my creative stomach! So many projects little time!

  11. Glad you can spell it!!!!! I still can't (lol)

  12. How can I resist a dare?!? I have several UFO's at any one time, constantly going between projects helps it all stay fresh for me BUT, this year I challenged myself to finish some, at least until they are completed tops. So, I have so far this year completed (to top stage) 4 UFO's and completed 3 patterns I really wanted to do. Now, on to create some more UFO's...!

  13. I'm not telling!

    Actually, I know myself very well, so I make myself finish one top before I start another otherwise ...

    However I'm not going to mention how many projects I already have the fabrics for.

  14. Oh, Ihave a few (wink, wink)UFO's lurking in the corners. If I was really brave, I would gather them up and snap a picture to put on my blog-----hmmm, how brave am I? The sad part is that most of them are tops that just need to be sandwiched, quilted and bound. It's the sandwiching part that I dislike the most!