Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I’m Losing My Mind…

..or maybe I never had one!!  Yesterday I was looking for my Eleanor Burns Flying Geese Ruler and stumbled onto this…

It’s the pattern called Fit to Frame: Set Four by Lori Smith.  In the back of the zip lock bag I had slipped in this black and brown fabric…


BINGO!  I had a flash back to the Quilter’s Coop in Temecula, California and this…sweet little quilt!!  It is small…Schnibble size…and a lot cuter than this picture indicates.


I bought the pattern on the spot, tucked the fabric into the ziplock and promptly forgot all about it!!  HOW could I do that?…look at this lovely fabric…and these sweet little quilts…


Is it just me?…or do you do things like this? …PLUS I never did find my Fly Geese Ruler!!

Now I have to hustle, finish the churn dash quilt and hopefully start this one before we get the next step for the ‘Between Charming Friends’ Quilt Along…YIKES!!  I need more hours in a day!!  (AND I’m not even going to mention housework or gardening…!!)

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Quilting!


  1. Very cute and the fabrics are perfect! What a happy surprise! Housework? What's that? LOL Have a happy day!

  2. Thinking of how many quilt shops you visited on your tour, it's only natural that you don't remember every pattern and piece of fabric you bought. What a nice surprise!

  3. I have been cleaning out things and finding things I forgot about too, lol. It is like getting something new, all over again;)


  4. Ha Ha I do the same thing all the time. In fact just yesterday I was doing some Studio organizing and came across 3 different pattern/fabric combos that I had hidden in the original bags from the store!!

  5. That's a great surprise! I really like it made out of the fabrics you got, much more than the original. Makes me want to make one. ;-)

  6. Ohh wonderful!! Love that fabric combination!

    Have lots of fun sewing!

    Sometimes I wish I didn't have to sleep so i could keep on sewing!

  7. You hit the jackpot with that kit....I LOVE IT!!!

  8. I love the fabrics for this little gem -- can't wait to see it all stitched up. I'm glad to hear that other people have these "storage" issues - that's what I call it when I know I have something somewhere and the search leads me to a project I totally forgot about - it isn't my forgetfulness, its a "storage" problem!

  9. You mean you do housework?

    Love the fabrics and yes, I do things like that all the time. (Remember my clematis post a few days ago?

  10. *lol* What a lovely surprise! I love finding stuff I forgot I had, not that it happens very often, but it does happen :o)

    That is the sweetest little quilt, so I can see why your fingers are itching to make it! So put the housework and the gardening on hold! And have a ball with your sewing machine :o)

  11. Hahahaha - no you are a perfectly sane quilt - I too have been know to do similiar. Always a nice surprise to find when you least expect it.