Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hang ‘Em High….

..the quilts that is…!  That’s what I did yesterday..I finished putting the sleeve on the Fit to Frame (which I stitched on holidays last Winter) and hung it on the landing at the foot of the stairs between the kitchen and living room~


Then I put a sleeve on Madeline and hung her in the downstairs bathroom…


…if Madeline could only talk!!


And then I put the binding and sleeve on the Schnibbles quilt “Rooibos” and hung her in my husband’s computer room..this way you can see her from the Entrance way…


This is my first OPAM Challenge finish for June!!


Our foyer is a bit of a maze…it’s rather large with a door to the right where the office is, then straight ahead is the door to the family room and bathroom, to the left is the living room…Now when you come to visit one of the first things that you will see is my little Rooibos!!  P1080110    And IF all goes well and IF it doesn’t rain…can you guess what I’ll be doing?…and it’s not sewing!!P1080114 P1080115 P1080116 P1080117      P1080123            

Yup…planting my flower pots!!  I am so late this year!  I usually have them done up by the middle of May but our weather has been the pits..  One things for sure..when if it  warms up our picnic table is going to be getting a paint job…it’s looking like I’m feeling!!  Yikes!  Not pretty….

Have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Quilting!!


  1. I love all your quilts and where you put them. They look beautiful! Laura

    P.S. Love your blog! Great Job with it. It is always fun to read and you take great pictures.

  2. They look wonderful, Paulette.

  3. Sounds like you have a fun day planned....

    Love all your quilts, they just look wonderful where you put them.

  4. What a wonderful re-decorating day! All of your quilts look so nice! You need to have a quilty coming out party!

  5. *lol* now I see the size of your autumn coloured quilt ;o) Oh, so pretty!

    Way to go hanging quilts! They all look wonderful!

    Enjoy your Thursday! Best of luck planting!

  6. The quilts look wonderful on your walls. They make everything more cozy.


  7. Love your quilts Paulette especially Madeline :)

  8. That's when you know you're truly finshed...when the quilts get hung up! They look wonderful.
    It appears you'll be quite busy planting. Hope the weather holds up for you.

  9. Your quilts look lovely decorating your walls. Hope no one mistakes the bathromm quilt for a towel! Soon your garden will look happy too. Hope you won't be too tired to blog after all that work.

  10. You must be so proud of yourself! I sure wish I would have had a productive day like yours!

  11. You must be proud of yourself after getting so many beautiful finished quilts hanging on your walls. I will get my summer flowers today, hoping the nights will stay warm.

  12. The quilts look great hung up. We too were planting pots yesterday, and we too are about a month late thanks to the weather.

  13. Your beautiful home has very special touches on the outside as well as the inside.

  14. Your quilts are beautiful and so is your home! Thanks for visiting my blog so that now I might find YOU! XO