Sunday, June 20, 2010

For the Man in your life~

Show that man in your life how much you love him by…

image ..whipping up a nice TIE!!  The Purl Bee put together a great tutorial… looks FAST and EASY…you have what you need in your stash…and he is going to LOVE you for it!! 

Get stitching..F-A-S-T!!   And have a special Father’s Day!!

Oh, and if you don’t celebrate Father’s Day then go ahead and have a super Sunday and Happy Quilting!!


  1. What a wonderful idea!
    My husband is a retired lawyer and has the most beautiful silk ties! I'd love to get my hands on them, but he won't let me... He was the best dressed man in these parts.

    I've enjoyed catching up on your blog this morning. I'm coming back into my normal routines slowly and it feels good. Did you find out about the marking pen? No hurry, just wondered. HUGS! XO

  2. Never a dull moment on your blog. You are like a beacon in the dark guiding us to places of interest.

  3. Hey those look nice! Unfortunately, I haven't seen my hubby in a tie since the day we married, lol!