Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Good News, Bad News…

BAD NEWS FIRST~ Yesterday I was sewing like a good thing…finished off the little squares…don’t they look nice?…


..then I went to cut the borders that go around this and prepare the fabric that was going to be the background for the houses …and discovered I don’t have enough fabric…SCREECH…on go the brakes!!  Nothing in my stash worked…so I emailed The Quilter’s Coop in Temecula, California and hopefully they can come to my rescue!  Fingers crossed…

Go ahead have a close-up!  At least I like the little squares… I’m so glad I threw in some burgundy/red to add a little punch!


So now I sit and wait…

NOW FOR THE GOOD NEWS!!  Look what I got in the mail!  I won a Give Away from the Blogger’s Annual Give Away.  Emma from Sampaguita Quilts sent me this gorgeous appliquéd Winter Harvest tree quilt and the fabric to make it!!  Emma even traced the apple and the leaves onto fabric with heat and bond already on it!!  How sweet!!  Thanks so much, Emma!!


Thanks for visiting~ your comments and your words of encouragement are always appreciated!  I always try to answer all of them…you meet the nicest people that way!

Have a wonderful Wednesday and Happy Quilting!


  1. oooh, nothing worse than 'nothing in the stash'. Hope your fav store can come to your rescue. The reds do look smashing in there!

  2. love your little squares .... wish I had some of those fabrics to share

  3. I'm glad it has arrived safely - have fun!

  4. I LOVE how your little squares have turned out. I had a dig through my studio stash and found a piece of that quilters grid. Not sure if I have enough to make a big quilt but I just might have to play with it and see what I can create! Have a great day

  5. Being here where you can't get the traditional American fabrics, my projects come to a halt often...oh well...least you just might be rescured around the corner.

    Great win.

  6. I usually try to have simple blacks in my stash, I tend to use black a lot, but sometimes you just don't have the right color and it's frustrating when you are all ready to finish. Love your prize goodies, that is a beautiful pattern.


  7. Sounds like you should just do one long roadtrip! Getting the exact fabric is worth the drive.....
    Have fun with your win!

  8. Your miracle product has not let you down and the squares look great. I agree that the red/burgundy does add that fire and warmth to the quilt.
    Did you really not have absolutely anything in your stash that would work? Really?

  9. I keep looking at your squares and thinking they would make a lovely quilt as they are.

    Congrats on your win by the way.

  10. Your squares look absolutely wonderful - you're right, that burgundy really gives it that special something. I do hope you find the perfect background for your house blocks! Fingers crossed the shop will be able to help.

    Lovely win :o)

  11. oh i entered that great giveaway. i'm so glad it was you who won, especially as i know i'll be able to see it finished!